Professor in Composite Materials at XJTU

Honorary Research Fellow at UoL


Member of SAMPE, IET







(1.)Basic Information

Dr. Jin Zhou is Professor in School of Mechanical Engineering at Xi’an Jiaotong University working on composites and lightweight structures. He obtained his Master’s degree in Aerospace and Mechanical System Engineering in 2009 and PhD degree in Aerospace Composites in 2015 from the University of Liverpool. After received his PhD degree, he continues his researches as an Honorary Research Fellow under Dr Zhongwei Guan’s guidance at the University of Liverpool. He has been working on internal and external collaboration researches with Professor Wesley Cantwell at Khalifa University and Professor John Dear at Imperial College London. The current collaborative projects include high velocity impact on sandwich structures, low velocity impact on fiber metal laminates, repairing of damaged composite laminates. He has completed a number of collaborative projects on characterization of the material strain rate effect on FML structures, scaling effects in the mechanical response of corrugated composite cores structures and 3D woven carbon composite laminates which is jointly-funded as part of Aerospace Research and Innovation Centre Programme by Mubadala Aerospace and Khalifa University. He has also been working on collaboration with Imperical College Londong to investigate the oblique impact and high velocity impact on fibre metal laminates from September 2015. He has delivered outstanding academic achievements in the science of composite materials with excellent track records of reserach output and high quality publication.  He has published highly cited research papers on the top SCI international journals, such as Composite Science and Technology, Composite Structures and Composite Part B: Engineering.

He also worked as a Research Associate working on composite forming in Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge between 2018 and 2019. Prior to returning to academic research at Cambridge, he was a Senior Structural Engineer working on friction welding and structural mechanics in industry for eight years between 2010 and 2018. He managed the technical department and obtained a number of industrial approvals for friction welding projects following international industrial standardization for 4 branch companies in United Kingdom and over 7 overseas branches in worldwide. His interests include the impact response of composite materials, sandwich structures, hybrid metal-composite structures, lightweight structures for energy absorption and composites forming.

Personal page https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/engineering/staff/jin-zhou/publications/

(5.)Scientific Research


Selected Publications


1.   Zhou J., Hassan M.Z, Guan ZW and Cantwell W.J. The Low Velocity Impact Response of Foam-based Sandwich Panels. Composites Science and Technology. 2012; 72(14):1781-1790.

2.   Zhou J., Guan Z.W., and Cantwell W.J., The Impact Response of Graded Foam Sandwich Structures. Composite Structures. 2013; 97:370-377.

3.   Zhou J., Guan Z.W., Cantwell W.J. and Liao Y., The Energy-Absorbing Behaviour of Foam Cores Reinforced with Composite Rods. Composite Structures. 2014; 116: 346–356.

4.    Al Antali A., Umer R., Zhou J. and Cantwell W.J. The Energy-absorbing Properties of Composite Tube-Reinforced Aluminum Honeycomb. Composite Structures. 2017; 176:630-639.

5.   Zhou J., Guan Z.W., and Cantwell W.J. The Energy-Absorbing Behaviour of Composite Tube-reinforced Foams. Composites Part B. 2018;139, 227-237.

6.    Zhou J., Guan Z.W., and Cantwell W.J., Scaling Effects in the Mechanical Response of Sandwich Structures Based on Corrugated Composite Cores. Composites Part B. 2016; 93: 88-96.

7.    Umer R., Rao S., Zhou J., Guan Z. and Cantwell W.J. The Low Velocity Impact Response of Graphene Modified Composites Manufactured using Automated Dry Fiber Placement. Polymers and Polymer Composites, 2016; 24.4: 233-240.

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10.  Kaboglu Cihan, Mohagheghian Iman, Zhou Jin, Guan Zhongwei, Cantwell Wesley, John Sabu, Blackman Bamber, Kinloch Anthony, Dear John. High-velocity impact deformation and perforation of fibre-metal laminates. Journal of Materials Science 2018;53(6), 4209-4228.


research project


      Project 1: The Low Velocity Impact Response of Foam-based Sandwich Panels.

      Project 2: The Energy-Absorbing Behaviour of Sandwiches Reinforced with Composite Rods and tubes

      Project 3: The Mechanical Response of Corrugated Composite Cores Structures

      Project 4: The Perforation Resistance of Carbon Fiber Laminates

      Project 5: The Impact  Resistance of  Fiber Metal Laminate

      Project 6: Feasibility Study Application – Composite forming limit diagram

      Project 7: 3D Printed Composite Structures



1.     Introduction of Composite

2.     Light Weight Structures