Basic Information

Name: Zhou Qinghua 
Sex: male 
Nationality: Chinese 
Date of Birth: 10/05/1963 
Academic Title: 
         Associate Professor 
Degree: Master of Arts 
Major: English Linguistics


Contact: 13072981156
Addr.: School of International 
            Studies of Xi’an Jiaotong Uni.
Postcode: 710049

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  • Education

1979.9 ~1982.7

Xi’an Normal School
English major

1984.9 ~1987.7

Xi’an Education College
English major

1989.9 ~1992.7

Postgraduate in Xi’an Jiaotong Uni
English Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

1997.9 ~1998.9

Anterwerp University of Belgium
Visiting Scholar

  • Working Experience

1982.9 ~1989.7

Teaching in Xi’an No. 51 Middle School

1992.7 ~    Now

Teaching in English Dept. of Xi’an Jioatong

1995    ~   1997

Chinese Director for Shaanxi-Anterwerp Language Training Center

1994    ~   1997

Vice Chair of English Department of XJTU

2002    ~   2004

Vice Chair of College English Teaching Department

2000    ~    Now

Union Chairman for School of International Studies

  • Research orientations:
              Applied Linguistics (Pragmatics, Pedagogy, English Testing, Business English)

  • Social Service:
               Act as a director of the Simultaneous Interpretation Council of Shaanxi Translation Association.

  • The conferences whose simultaneous interpretation Mr.Zhou has participated in:
                   APEC Clean Fossil Energy Xi’an Forum, 2007
                   China-Yale University Leadership Summer Program, 2007
                   Oxford Library Management Xi’an Seminar, 2007
                   Xi’an International Forum on Dao De Jing, 2007
                    International Cultural Sites Protection Xi’an Forum. 2006
                   International Digital Courseware for Education Xi’an Seminar, 2006