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Prof. Ming Liu

School of Electronic Information Engineering
Xi’an Jiaotong University


Ph.D. Electrical Engineering                                                         May 2010

Northeastern University, Boston, MA 

M.S. Chemical Physics                                                                   July 2004

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)

B.S. Mathematical Physics                                                            July 1999

Inner Mongolia University (China)


Professor                                                                                        Sep. 2013

School of Electronic Information Engineering,Xi’an Jiaotong University

Argonne Scholar (Director’s Postdoctoral Fellow) Jan. 2011 -Jun. 2012

Center for Nanoscale Materials, Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow                                 May. 2010 – Dec. 2010

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Northeastern University

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Contact    West Xianning Road, Xi'an, Shaanxi, 710049,P.R. China

Our Research Interests Are:

  •  STT, SOT and ME based MRAM and their related materials;

  • TMR and ME based magnetic field sensors and ME antennas;

  • Flexible oxide functional materials and devices;

  • Ferrites, ferroelectrics and multiferroic materials and devices.

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Selected Publications


  1. G. Dong, S. Li, M. Yao, Z. Zhou, Y. Zhang, X. Han, Z. Luo, J. Yao, B. Peng, Z.Hu, H. Huang, T. Jia, J. Li, W.Ren, Z. Ye, X.Ding, J. Sun, C. Nan, L. Chen, J. Li, M. Liu*,“Super-elastic ferroelectric single-crystal membrane with continuous electric dipole rotation”, science, 366,6464,475-479. (2019)(IF=41.063)
  2. ​Q. Yang, L. Wang, Z. Zhou*, L. Wang, Y. Zhang, S. Zhao, G. Dong, Y. Cheng, T. Min, Z. Hu, W. Chen, K. Xia, M. Liu*, “Ionic liquid gating control of RKKY interaction in FeCoB/Ru/FeCoB and (Pt/Co)2/Ru/(Co/Pt)2 multilayers”, Nature Communications, 9, 991 (2018) (IF= 12.353)
  3. B. Peng, R. Peng, Y. Zhang, G. Dong, Z. Zhou*, Y. Zhang, T. Li*, Z. Liu, Z. Luo, S. Wang, Y. Xia, R. Qiu, X. Cheng, F. Xue, Z. Hu, W. Ren, Z. Ye, L. Chen, Z. Shan, T. Min, M. Liu*, “Phase transition enhanced superior elasticity in freestanding single-crystalline multiferroic BiFeO3 membranes”, Science Advances, 6, (34).  (2020) (IF=13.116) 
  4. G. Dong, S. Li, T. Li, H. Wu, T. Nan, X. Wang, H. Liu, Y. Cheng, Y. Zhou, W. Qu, Y. Zhao, B. Peng, Z. Wang, Z. Hu, Z. Luo, W. Ren, S. Pennycook, J. Li, J. Sun, Z. Ye, Z. Jiang, Z. Zhou*, X. Ding*, T. Min*, M. Liu*, “Periodic Wrinkle-Patterned Single-Crystalline Ferroelectric Oxide Membranes with Enhanced Piezoelectricity”, Advanced Materials, 200447.  (2020) (IF= 27.398)
  5. S. Zhao, L. Wang, Z. Zhou*, C. Li, G. Dong, L. Zhang, B. Peng, T. Min, Z. Hu, J. Ma, W. Ren, Z. Ye, W. Chen, P. Yu, C. Nan, M. Liu*, “Ionic-Liquid-Gating Control of Spin Reorientation Transition and Switching of Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy”, Advanced Materials, 30, 1801639 (2018) (inside cover, IF= 21.950)
  6. M. Guan, L. Wang, S. Zhao, Z. Zhou*, G. Dong, W. Su, T. Min, J. Ma, Z. Hu, W. Ren, Z.-G. Ye, C.-W. Nan, M. Liu*, “Ionic Modulation of the Interfacial Magnetism in a Bilayer System Comprising a Heavy Metal and a Magnetic Insulator for Voltage‐Tunable Spintronic Devices”, Advanced Materials, 30, 1802902 (2018) (Inside Cover, IF= 21.950)
  7. Q. Yang, Z. Zhou*, L. Wang, H. Zhang, Y. Cheng, Z. Hu, B. Peng, and M. Liu*, “Ionic Gel Modulation of RKKY Interactions in Synthetic Anti-Ferromagnetic Nanostructures for Low Power Wearable Spintronic Devices”, Advanced Materials, 30, 1800449 (2018) (IF= 21.950)​​​​​​
  8. T. Wang, R. Peng, W. Peng, G. Dong, C. Zhou, S. Yang, Z. Zhou, and M. Liu*,“2–2 Type PVDF-Based Composites Interlayered by Epitaxial (111)-Oriented BTO Films for High Energy Storage Density”, Adv. Funct. Mater.(2021)(IF=18.808)
  9. C. Li, Y. Li,, Y. Zhao*, Y. Du, M. Zhao, W. Peng, Y. Wu, M. Liu, Z. Zhou*,“Sunlight Control of Ferromagnetic Damping in Photovoltaic/Ferromagnetic Heterostructures” Adv. Funct. Mater. (2021) (IF=18.808)