(1.)Basic Information


Address: School of Energy and Power Engineering, Xian Jiaotong University, P. R. China, 710001

Email: nbogao@xjtu.edu.cn

Telephone: (+86) 029-82668572.



1. First prize of natural science academic achievement of Liaoning province, 2014.

2. Outstanding Faculty Award of Dalian University of Technology, 2014 and 2013.

3. Outstanding Advisor Award for college innovation annual meeting, 2012.

(5.)Scientific Research

Research Fields

1. Solid Waste Treatment and Recycling

2. Biomass/Coal Gasification and Pyrolysis

3. Oil Recycling from Oily Sludge

4. Hydrogen Production with Tar Catalysis Reforming 

5. Manicipal Solid Waste to Fuel

6. Sewage Sludge Treatment and Recycling

7. Drying Technology of High Moisture Materials

8. Microbial Technology for Solid Waste Treatment



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11. 2019, Janpan-China-Korea Joint Symposium, Development of activated biochar supported Ni catalyst for enhancing tar steam reforming, 2019.9.4-7, Tokyo, Japan. Best Poster.

10. 2018年,The 6th International Symposium on Gasification and its Application (ISGA-6), 2018.10.25-28,Chengdu, China. Best Poster.

9. 2014年,学术论文“Characteristics of hydrogen-rich gas production of biomass gasification with porous ceramic reforming“,获辽宁省自然科学学术成果一等奖;

8. 2010年,学术论文上吸式固定床生物质水蒸气气化多孔陶瓷重整制氢研究获辽宁省自然科学学术成果二等奖;

7. 2010年,学术论文“Modeling and simulation of combined pyrolysis and reduction zone for a downdraft biomass gasifier”,获大连市自然科学优秀学术论文三等奖;


Conference and Symposium

1.    Ningbo Gao and Aimin Li, Preparation and characterization of Ni-based porous ceramic catalyst and bio-gas steam reforming for hydrogen production, Jun.3, 21st  European Biomass Conference, Demark, Copenhagen. Visual presentation.

2.     Ningbo Gao and Aimin Li, Emissions of SO2, NO and NO2 in biogas incinerator during solid waste gasification. Environmental Pollution and Public Health, Jun 14-16, 2009: 1-4, DOI: 10.1109/ICBB- E.2009.5162770, Beijing. Oral presentation. 

3.     Ningbo Gao, Aimin Li, Proposal of A Semi-empirical parameter groups model of organic solid waste gasification, The 12th Asian Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering Congress, Aug. 2008, Dalian, ISBN: 978-7-5611-4285-1. Oral presentation.

4.    Ningbo Gao, Aimin Li, Experimental study on solid waste gasification in fixed beds, 2nd International Conference on Cooling and Heating Technologies, July 26, 2006, Dalian, China, 260-268. Oral presentation.

5.    Ningbo Gao, Aimin Li, The characteristic parameters model on pyrolysis of solid waste, 1st Korea-China Joint Symposium on Incineration/Pyrolysis and Environmental Management, September 22, 2005, Seoul, Korea, 39-46. Oral presentation.


1. A method and device of organic liquid pulverization catalysis reforming. Authorized. 2014

2. A device of catalysis ceramic membrane for gasification/pyrolysis gas reforming. Authorized, 2014. 

3. A method and device of drying, pyrolysis and incineration for organic solid fuels. Authorized, 2012.

4. A method and device of magnetism stabilization bed for gas reforming. Authorized, 2012.

5. An integrative method and device of two stages drying and gasification of organic solid fuels. Authorized, 2011.

6. A method of organic solid materials pryolysis for active carbon production. Authorized, 2011.

7. A method and device of active carbon production from organic solid wastes. Authorized, 2009.

8. A device of solid heat carrier pyrolysis rotary bed reactor. Authorized, 2009.

9. A method and device of superadiabatic partial oxidization for tar and char elimination and producer gas reforming. Authorized, 2008.

10. A device of regenerative high temperature pressured steam generation. Authorized, 2007.


Funded Projects

1.        Foam Ceramic Nanocatalyst System Preparation and Mechanism Investigation of Its Partial Catalytic Oxidation of Tars for Hydrogen, Sponsor: National Science Foundation of China, 2015-2018.

2.        Mechanism study of Biomass tar auto-thermal catalysis reforming General Program for Young Scientists, Sponsor: National Science Foundation of China, 2011-2013.

3.        The Research of Energy Conversion and Biogas Purification Technologies in Biomass Thermo-chemical Process, International Cooperation and Exchange Project, Sponsor: National Science Foundation of China, 2011-2012.

4.        Study of Tar Reforming of Biomass Gasification, Sponsor: China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, General Program, 2009-2011.

5.        Tar Near Zero Emission of Biomass Gasification Catalysis for Hydrogen Production. Sponsor: China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, General Program for Special Supporting, 2011-2013.

6.        Research of Tar Thermal Removal and the Effects on Gasification Product Gas. Sponsor: Foundation of Liaoning Educational Committee, 2013-2015.

7.        Biomass High Temperature Steam Gasification and catalysis reforming for Hydrogen Production, Sponsor: Open Foundation of State Key Laboratory of Multiphase Complex Systems, 2011-2013.

8.        Sewage Sludge Two Stages Gasification with High Temperature Steam. Sponsor: Open Foundation of State Key Laboratory of Urban Water Resource and Environment, 2015-2016.

9.        Catalysis Pulverization Bio-oil from Sludge Pyrolysis for Hydrogen Production, Sponsor: Open Foundation of Key Laboratory of Industrial Ecology and Environmental Engineering (MOE), 2013-2015.



  • Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal

  • Air Pollution Control Engineering

  • Solid Waste Recycling Technology

  • Environmental Management