Basic Information

Qiu Aici, Academician, Professor of XJTU, Doctoral supervisor
Deputy director of Academic committee of the State Key Laboratory of Electrical Insulation for Power Equipment

    Professor Qiu, Female, was born nov.22, 1941 in the Zhejiang Province, China. She has Graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University in 1964. She was elected as a member of CAE in 1999.
    She is long time engaged in research and development of pulse power technology and intense current pulse particle beam accelerators as well as their applications. She has taken charge and successively carried out of several great projects of scientifical technical engineering, has gained a series of important achievements, at the same time made significant contributions to development of installations and pulse power technology as well as their applications in our country. She has won a Award of the National Scientific Congress, a second Award of the National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, 4 first Awards and 3 second Awards of the Ministry’s Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. Also, she has won the first class award of the Guanghua Science and Technology Fund. She has special subsidy of State Council since 1992.