Chirality is one of the basic properties of nature, the DNA, proteins, etc. that make up life are chiral, and chiral compounds such as chiral drugs are becoming increasingly important in human society. Asymmetric catalysis is an important way to obtain chiral compounds, including chiral drugs, and it is also the most active and challenging field in organic chemistry research.




   The research direction of our research group is synthetic chemistry and catalytic chemistry, using various catalytic methods, especially asymmetric catalysis, to realize the conversion of important molecules. At present, three research directions have been established: (1) synthesis of new chiral ligands; (2) metal-catalyzed asymmetric reactions; (3) natural product and drug discovery. Our research focuses on the application of the idea of solving the key scientific problems for industrial synthesis, solving various difficulties in asymmetric synthesis as an important goal, develops new reactions, new strategies, and new research fields, enriches the toolbox of organic chemistry, and constantly expands the boundaries of organic chemistry.




      The research group has sufficient laboratory area and complete various instruments and equipment. The future goals of research group are formulated a variety of incentive measures to encourage diligent and enterprising students, and establish extensive exchanges and cooperation with many well-known research groups at home and abroad to provide good support for outstanding students who are interested in further study. Welcome outstanding talents who love organic chemistry to join our research group, forge ahead and climb the peak together! Our research group is ready to recruit organic chemistry students.