Dr Zhan-Bo SUN

                   School of Science, MOE Key Laboratory for Non-equilibrium Synthesis and
                   Modulation of Condensed Matter, State Key Laboratory for
                   Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Xi’an Jiaotong University,
                   Xi’an 710049, P. R. China

                   Office phone: +86-29-82665995
                   E-mail: szb@mail.xjtu.edu.cn
                   Home page: /web/szb


9/19797/1983    B.Eng., College of Sciences, Northeatern University, China
9/1987–4/1990    M.Eng., College of sciences, Xi’an University of Tenchnology, China
2/1998–6/2001    Ph.D., College of sciences, Xi’an Jiaotpng University , China


5/2012-present 西安交通大学理学院副院长
1/2009-present 教育部非平衡合成与调控重点实验室副主任
8/2008-present 教授(凝聚态物理、材料物理与化学)、博士生导师
1/2009-5/2012 西安交通大学理学院,物理学科副主任

(5.)Scientific Research