Fracture mechanics (Undergraduate course) Fall


Teaching notes: http://imechanica.org/node/288  ES247


1. Introduction (Trouble with linear elastic theory of strength)

2. Griffith theory

3. Energy release rate and fracture energy, small scale yielding, resistance curve

4. Stress intensity factor, Crack tip field

5. Mixed mode fracutre, stress corrosion

6. Elastic-Plastic fracture, J integral

7. Fatiuge

8. Crack bridging, toughness due to hysteresis 






Mechanics of Soft Active Materials (Graduate course) Spring


Teaching notes: https://imechanica.org/node/7448  ES241/ES181

1. Fundamentals of thermodynamics

Energy, Entropy, Temperature, Pressure, Chemical potential, free energy

2. Rubber elasticity

Freely jointed chains, finite deformation theory, boundary value problems

3. Soft active materials

Elastomers in equilibrium with forces and voltage,

Elastomers in equilibrium with forces and solvent,

Constitutive Law