(1.)Basic Information

Wang Haijun

Wang Haijun Wang Haijun associate professor graduated from English Department Xi an Foreign Languages University with BA in 1982 and and in 1988 came to have his graduate education in Xi an Jiaotong University and got his MA from Northwest Poly technical University in 1992 Since then he had been teaching at the Ministry of Public Health English Language Center at the former Xi an Medical University and also a vice director of the center and now is an associate professor at the English Language Teaching Center In 1998 he began to teach postgraduate English majors courses like Language Testing Applied Linguistics and Statistics in Language Research and since then has been a postgraduate academic advisor with language testing as his main research field In 2002 he stayed in Syracuse University New York USA as a visiting scholar for three months His main published books include English Grammar New Format of Toefl Reading Toefl Structure Toefl Listening etc His main papers include Association and English Teaching Enhancement of Students Motivation in Foreign Language Learning Skill based Communicative Syllabus Design for Trainees at MPHELC XMU etc