Basic Information

Name: Li Wang         

Professional & technical post: Associate Professor

Final degree: PhD   

Research direction: Surface Engineering, Micro/Nano manufacturing


Tel: +86-2983399512

Fax: +86-2983399512

Concurrent Academic Posts




Reviewer of the following journals:

1.Nano Energy(IF:17.7)
2.ACS nano(IF:12.881)

4.ACS Applied materials& interfaces (IF:8.758)

5.Additive Manufacturing(IF:7.173)

6.Applied Surface Science(IF:6.182)


8.IJAMT(international journal of advanced manufacturing technology)

Scientific Research

 The major scientific research experiences:

1.Nano- & micro- scale surface sciences and engineering

2.Micro- & nano- equipment and manufacturing technology

3.Precision machinery and Measurement technology

4.Additive Manufacturing(3D Printing)



Major Projects

 The main projiect

1.Research on panchromatic 3D scanner and panchromatic continues SAL-3D printer;

2.Micro-nano sensors of composite structure based on the 3D printing technology; 

3. Research and  industrialization of high precision surface into 3D printing equipment ;

4.Research and development of large size surface exposure 3D printing equipment;
5.Research on active control method of local slip characteristics of bearing surface under variable load condition;

6.“Novel Preparation Technology of Pixel Matrix with Nano-structure Heterojunction in the Organic Light - Emitting Display” (Grant No.XA-AM-200804) supported by Xi'an Applied Materials Innovation Foundation;
7.“Study of Nano- & micro- Structures Substrate to Increase the OLED Extraction Efficiency” supported by the Key Laboratory for Advanced Displays and System Application Ministry of Education (Shanghai University) Open Project.。





1.Wang Li; Ding Yucheng;Fan Fan; Chen Bangdao;Tian Hongmiao; A new  manufacturing method of electron emission source nanoslit in Surface conduction electron emission display device [P]. CN200910022564.4. Xi'an Jiaotong University. Authorization date: 2010-06-02.
2.Wang Li; Ding Yucheng; Hao Xiuqing; He Zhongyun;Zong Xuewen; Lu Bingheng;  A manufacturing method of a drag reduction surface[P]. CN200810232134.0. Authorization date: 2011-06-01
3.Wang Li; Ding Yucheng; Yuan Junwen; Luo Yu; He Zhongyun; Kuang Junsheng;  A kind of OLED Manufacturing process with sub-micron structure[P]. CN201010286694.1.  Authorization date: 2013-03-13
4.Wang Li; Ding Yucheng; Zhou Jie; Zong Xuewen;Wei Huifen; Lu Bingheng; A preparation method of convex grating marks using in imprint lithography alignment [P]. CN201010581347.1. Authorization date: 2012-09-05
5.Wang Li;Ding Yucheng; Zhou Ji;Wei Huifen; Lu Bingheng; A new method of increasing moiré image quality by digital moiré fringe using in lithography imprint alignment [P]. CN201010580993.6.  Authorization date: 2013-01-02

Major Publications

The major publications:


1.Yu Luo,Shuyi Liu,Nilesh Barange,Li Wang*,Franky So.Perovskite Solar Cells on Corrugated Substrates with Enhanced Efficiency.Small,in press,DOI:10.1002/small.201601974(SCI:,IF:8.5);

2. Yu Luo, Li Wang*, Xiaonan Yang, Hui Duan, Wei Liu. Enhanced light extraction and tunable chromaticity in white organic light emitting devices with znonanopillars. Appied Optics Letters, 2016,3(7) SCI:, IF:3.2;

3.Xiuqing Hao , Guang Wu, Li Wang, Danhui Lv , Yu Luo , Liang Li , Ning He .Superhydrophobic surfaces based on ZnO-constructed hierarchical architectures.Microelectronic Engineering 141 (2015) 44–50 SCI:, IF1.277;

4.Hao X, Pei S, Wang L*, et al. Microtexture fabrication on cylindrical metallic surfaces and its application to a rotor bearing system[J]. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 2014: 1-9 SCI:, IF1.779

5.Wang Li*, Wang Quandai, Yan Chengping, Duan Hui, Lv Danhui, Ding Yucheng.Experimental Research and Comparison on Tribological Properties of Bronze substrate with Different Surface WettabilityOctober 26-28,Chicago,STLE 2014[C]

6. Yu Luo, Li Wang*, Yucheng Ding, Long Li, Bin Wei, Jianhua Zhang. Flexible OLED with enhanced light outcoupling efficiency fabricated on doubleside nanotextured substrate. ACS Applied materials & interfaces[J]  2014, 6 (13),10213–10219  SCI IDSAU6OF IF5.900

7. Li XM  ,Wang CH , Shao JY, Ding  YC , Tian, HM, Wang, L. Periodic Parallel Array of Nanopillars and Nanoholes Resulting from Colloidal Stripes Patterned by Geometrically Confined Evaporative Self-Assembly for Unique Anisotropic Wetting,ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES[J] 2014,6(22) 20300-20308(SCI IDS: AU6OF IF=5.9)

8.Jiang CB  , Li, XM, Tian, HM , Shao JYWang L . Lateral Flow through a Parallel Gap Driven by Surface Hydrophilicity and Liquid Edge Pinning for Creating Microlens Array,ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 2014,6(21) 18450-18456 (SCI IDS: AU6OF IF:5.9)

9.Li XM ,Tian HM , Wang CH, Li X, Shao JY, Ding YC , Wang L.Electrowetting Assisted Air Detrapping in Transfer Micromolding for Difficult-to-Mold Microstructures,ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES 2014,6(15)12737-12743 (SCI IDS: AU6OF, IF:5.9)

10.Yu Luo, Li Wang, Yucheng Ding, Long Li, High lightextracting efficiency for OLED  directly fabricated on doubleside nanotextured silica substrate, Optics Letters, OPTICS LETTERS, 2013, 38(14):PP2394-2396 (SCI   IDS : 182UT, IF:3.385)

11.Traor Moussa Magara, Wang  Li, Influences of the Flow Speed and the Micro-Texture Deepness on the Hydrodynamic Lubrication Characteristics, Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, 10(2), pp 419-422, 2013/2.(SCI: 101BA)

12.Yu Luo,Li Wang*,Yucheng Dinga, Huifen Wei , Dongdong Wang, etal. Direct fabrication of microlens arrays with high numerical aperture by ink-jetting on nanotextured surface, Applied Surface Science, 2013 (279):36-40.(SCI: 101BA)

13.Wang Li*, Wang Quandai,Hao Xiuqing,etal.Finite element simulation and experimental study on the  through-mask electrochemical micromachining (EMM ) processInternational Journal of Advanced Manufacturing2010 (51)1:155–162SCI666SX

14.Xiuqing Hao, Li Wang*,Quandai Wang, Fangliang Guo, etal. Surface micro-texturing of metallic cylindrical surface with proximity rolling-exposure lithography and electrochemical micromachining, Applied Surface Science, 2572011, 8906-8911 (SCI: 789TR)

15.Li Wang*, Wei Xu, Yu Luo etal. Performances enhancement in OLEDs by inserting ultrathin trilayer in electron injection structure and using MoO3 as hole buffer layer,Displays,2011,(32)1:45-48(SCI:717VN)

16.Xiuqing Hao, Li Wang*,Yucheng Ding, etal. Finite Element Analysis of a maskless electrochemical strcturing(MECS) method, Adv. Sci. Lett., 2011, 4:1394-1398 

17.Wang Li*, Wang Quandai, Hao Xiuqing, etal.Finite element simulation and experimental study on the  through-mask electrochemical micromachining(EMM) process, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing, 2010,(51)1:155–162(SCI:666SX)

18.Jinyou Shao, Yucheng Ding, Hongzhong Liu, Li Wang*, etal. Strategy for a loading force induced overlay position shift in step imprint lithography, Proc. IMechE, Part B: J. Engineering Manufacture,2009,1(223): 009-017(SCI:407MW)

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23.Wang Li*, Lu B.H., Ding Y.C.,Qiu zhi-hui. etal. Novel nano-scale overlay alignment method for room-temperature imprint lithography. 2nd International Symposium on Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Testing Technologies - Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Testing Technologies, Nov 2-5 2005, Xian, SPIE[C], 2006,6149, 61491V-1- 61491V-6(EI:05219118838)

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