Basic Information

    Dr. Wang is a professor/ doctoral supervisor at Xi'an Jiaotong University, registered environmental protection  engineer, registered utility engineer (water supply & drainage), member of Shaanxi province youth science and technology new star, chief engineer of Shaanxi small and medium enterprises, member of International Water Association China Youth Committee, and team leader of the enhanced drinking water purification and quality assurance. His main area of research is on micro-polluted water purification and quality assurance and has accomplished substantial contribution in the innovative development of micro-polluted water purification materials and equipment, as well as pollutants transfer and transformation characteristics during water purification and distribution processes. Dr. Wang hosts more than ten national and provincial research projects including those funded by the National Water Pollution Control and Treatment Major Project,and National Natural Science Foundation of China, with research funding approximately 9,000,000 RMB. Based on the above research work, we have published over 100 articles, of which more than 40 are in SCI-indexed journals.   

Education & Work experience

Education experience

Ø  Sep 2004 – Sep 2008 Tsinghua University, PhD, Environmental Science and Engineering, Beijing, China

Ø  Sep 2000 – Jul 2004 Harbin Institute of Technology, BSc, Water Supply and Drainage Harbin, China

Work experience

Ø  Jun 2018-present, Professor (Full), Xi'an Jiaotong University, Department of Environment Science  and Technology, Xi'an, China

Ø  May 2016-Nov 2017, Professor (Associate), International Science & Technology Cooperation Center for Urban Alternative Water

     Resources Development, Xi'an, China

Ø  Aug 2012 – Jul 2013, Visiting Professor, Pennsylvania State University, Environmental Engineering Middletown, United States

Ø  Jan 2009 – May 2018, Professor (Associate), Department of Environment and Civil Engineering, Xi'an University of Architechture

     and Technology, Xi'an, China 

Major achievements

The main innovative achievements include:

  • Discovered the ability of solar radiation to promote the aggregation of organic materials, elucidated their molecular structure and the mechanisms by which their physiochemical properties change under light irradiation, and developed a micro-polluted water coagulation device based on the above theory. Compared with the traditional coagulation unit, the device achieves an additional 30% removal of humic acid and 20% additional removal of Chlorella, with competitive application potential;
  • Developed a novel coagulation reagent (CB), filter material (LCFM) , and bio-settlement equipment to achieve the simultaneous removal of organic matter and nutrients from micro-polluted water;
  • Revealed aluminum residue deposition and release characteristics in pipe networks, due to the usage of aluminum-based coagulates, and its influence on the transfer and transformation of heavy metals and other pollutions in the process of drinking water distribution. The above inventions have been adopted by many local waterworks and reported by the Scientific Chinese magazine, providing critical support for the purification and distribution of micro-polluted water.


Published papers

[1]  Hui Zhang, Xue Zhou, Kai Wang, Wendong Wang: Development of a software tool for teaching real-time state simulation of water distribution networks. Computer Applications in Engineering Education 05/2018; DOI:10.1002/cae.21909

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[3]  Hui Zhang, Kai Wang, Xue Zhou, Weihuang Zhu, Wendong Wang: Water quality characteristics and corrosion potential in blending zones in X city drinking water distribution system. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 09/2018; 190(9):524.

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Patents & Books


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[1] Dec 2014 Shaanxi science and Technology Third-Grade Award

[2] Aug 2014 Registered Water Supply and Drainage Engineer (RWSDE)

[3] Jun 2014 Shaanxi Province Youth Science and technology new star

[4] Oct 2012 Registered Environmental Protection Engineer (REPE)


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