Joint International Conference on CJK 2016, in association with the Global Research Laboratory (GRL) seminar and The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Workshop




The CJK conference had been held every year since 2005. The main topics of the conference is the eco-friendly green materials, but other topics related to materials processing are also included in the conference topics. The first CJK meeting was held at the Sun Moon University, Korea in 2005.  Scientists and professors from three countries of China, Japan, and Korea did get together in order to develop a research topics on materials, which were related to environment and energy as well as nano-scale materials. Scientists and Professors had presented their excellent subject on their new developed materials. 

The CJK2006 conference was held at the Hyundai Hotel, GangNung, Korea. This place was just beside the ocean. Professor SangYup Park at the KangNung National University did great job for organizing the CJK2006.  He provided great financial support. We had really enjoyed the beautiful area and presented their own research works. The Committee requested Chinese scholars to host the CJK2007 in China, thereby, the CJK2007 was held in Changchun, China, and organized by Professor XionHong Wang at the Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, China. After the CJK2007 conference at Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, China, we did two days trip at the ChangBaek Mountain (Baekdu-san in Korean).  The CJK2008 was held in Hakone, Japan by Professor Junichi Matsushita at the Tokai University, Japan. Most of participants visited the industrial locations in Hakone and learned about the development of Hakone industry through the grand relationship with Tokai University.

With conjugated with the A3 foresight program, the CJK2009 was held again at the Pheonix Island, Jeju, Korea.  And then the CJK2010 was held in Huthot, inner Mongolia, Professor YuBao Li and his staffs did so much works for arranging the hotels and one day tour onto grass field of Inner Mongolia. The CJK2011 was supposed to be held in the grass field of highland of western Sichun, China. But the meeting was canceled due to the political issue in Tibet.  The CJK2012 was organized by Professor Tian Ying Xiong and Professor Fu Hui Wang at the Institute of Metal Research, China.

In 2013 the CJK2013 meeting was continued and organized by Professor Bo Young Hur, Tae Hyun Nam and Professor Soo Wohn Lee at Gyeongsang National University, Korea (Near 80km, 1 h by Car from Busan International Airport).  The CJK2014 meeting was well organized at the Lanzhou University by Professor Yuhua Wang and Huihui Li on the ancient silk road of the western China in August 21-25, 2014.  Even Professor Rushi Liu from Taiwan National University and many domestic professors such as Professor Lijun Wan at the Institute of Chemistry, Mingmei Wu at the Sun Yat-Sen University in Gwangjou had been participated. After the meeting, we moved to a dam by a bus and to the ancient temple by several high speed boats.

In 2015 August, it was very hot summer, however, in Hokkaido it was relatively very cool. After the TAM meeting at TKP Sapporo Conference Center in the downtown of Sapporo, which organized with Professor Junichi Matshushita at the Tokai University, we moved to the resort place by a bus. The CJK2015 was held in August 8-10, 2015 at the Chateraise, Gateaux Kingdom Sapporo by President Koichi Niihara and Professor Tadachika Nakayama at the Nagaoka University for the retirement of President Koichi Nihara at the Nagaoka University of Technology.

In 2016 May 19-22, it has been tried to be held in a golf resort such as Golden Bay Golf Course in the western coast in Korea, but unfortunately it was hot weekend golf season here in Korea. It was not possible to book the 20 rooms therein the very busy golf season. We are supposed to be moved to the Onyang hot spring hotel for the CJK2016.

The CJK2016 Conference will be held in conjunction with the GRL workshop as well as ISO/TC107 (Metallic Inorganic Coating) workshop.

The ISEPD-2016 organizing committee is pleased to invite you to the 17th International Symposium on Eco-materials Processing and Design in Hainan University (Haikou, China) from 8 to 11 January 2016.

Developing eco-materials is an effective route to protect the environment and to sustainably develop the material industry, thus becomes a hot research field around the world. International Symposium on Eco-materials Processing and Design series aim to promote the development of this field, and were successfully held in South Korea, Japan and Nepal et al. in the past 16 years. Following the tradition of this symposium series, ISEPD-2016 will bring together scientists, researchers and engineers in the fundamental materials science, processing and fabrication, and engineering applications of eco-materials. This conference will provide an ideal platform and excellent opportunity for researchers and experts in eco-materials from around the world to exchange research ideas and practical experiences.


Preparing a network of human resources and laboratory facilities for materials science among China, Japan and Korea through the CJK2016 International Conference can develop a long term foresight projects though each government.

R & D Clustering on nano-scale materials as well Eco-materials among China, Japan and Korea should be made through the experts.

All kind of issues in terms of nano technology, bio-technology, information technology, environment and energy technology on materials such as metals, ceramics, and polymers can be presented.



Registration Fee

The CJK2016 Onyang conference will cover the proceeding book and banquet, and industrial tours around Asan, and Western Coast in Korea. The registration fee for the CJK2016 Onyang conference will be 300 US$ cash only.


1. Organizing Committee

Junichi Hojo                   Kyushu University, Japan

Tohru SEKINO              Tohoku University, Japan

Junichi MATSUSHITA  Tokai University, Japan

Shu YIN                         Tohoku University, Japan

Tsugio SATO                  Tohoku University, Japan

Zheng Guo BIN              Nakasaki University, Japan

Shaoxiong ZHOU           Advanced Technology & Materials Co. Ltd., China

Xianhong WANG           Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, China

Feng PAN                       Tchinghwa University, China

Xuebin ZHENG             Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China

Zeng YI                          Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, China

Jian-Feng YANG           Xi`an Jiaotong University, China

Weiming WANG           Wuhan Univeristy of Technology, China

ZhengYi FU                   Wuhan University of Technology, China

Chen WEN                    Wuhan University of Technology, China

Wenbin CAO                 University of Sci. and Technol. in Beijing, China

Yuhua Wang                   Lanzhou University, China

Sang Yeup PARK          Kangnung National University, Korea

Bo Young HUR             Gyeongsang National University, Korea

Hyung Mi LIM             KICET, Korea

Kyung Nam KIM         Gangwon University, Korea

Young Hee KIM           KICET, Korea

Hyung Sun KIM           Inha University, Korea

Won Yong KIM            KITECH, Korea

Byung Se JUN              KyungNam University, Korea

HoJung CHANG          Dankuk University, Korea

GeungYoung YEOM    SungkyunKwan University, Korea

Dong Sik Bae               ChangWon University, Korea


General Chairs


Professor Junichi HOJO            Kyushu University, Japan

Professor Tohru SEKINO          Osaka University, Japan

Professor JianFang Yang            Xian Jiaotong University, China, China

Professor ZhengYi Fu                Wuhan University of Technology, China

Professor Soo Wohn LEE           Sun Moon University, Korea

Professor Bo Young HUR          Gyeongsang National University, Korea

Professor GeungYoung YEOM  SungkyunKwan University, Korea




Professor Gobinda Gyawali

Sun Moon University

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Gobinda Gyawali   Sun Moon University, Korea (grl@sunmoon.ac.kr)

Tae Ho KIM           Sun Moon University, Korea

Sung Hun Cho        Osaka University, Japan

Bo Wang                Xian Jiaotong University, China

Hao Wang              Wuhan University of Technology



Organized by

Professor Soo Wohn Lee

Sun Moon University

GRL Laboratory, Sun Moon Ro, TangJung -Myon,

Asan, 31460, KOREA

Tel: + 82-41-530-2364

Mobile phone: 82-(0)19-419-2364

Fax: + 82-41-534-2798

e-mail: ecomaterials@sunmoon.ac.kr


Abstract submission

1) The author is invited to submit an abstract of his/her proposed contribution.

2) The Abstract must be written in English.

3) Abstract submission deadline: 15 April 2016

4) All abstracts (including Answer Form and Self-introduction) should be submitted to: ecomaterials@sunmoon.ac.kr