(1.)Basic Information

Zhang Dongdong

Ph.D. Associate professor. Master Tutor.

  Department of Architecture,

School of Human Settlements and Civil Engineering,

Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi'an, China.

(2.)Research field

1. History and Theory of Landscape Architecture

2. Landscape Architecture Design

3. Landscape Planning and Ecological Restoration

4. Landscape Technology and Plant Design



PHD 2011—2016

Beijing Forestry University

Major: Landscape Architecture (1’st Domestic Ranking)

Mentor: Meng Zhaozhen (Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering)


Master 2008—2011

Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology

Major:  Landscape Planning and Design


Bachelor 2004—2008

Xi’an Academy of Fine Arts   

Major:  Architectural Environmental Art Design

(4.)Professional awards

1. The second price in the first place of ‘the international competition of garden design of Xi’an World Horticultural Exposition’.

2. The first price of the competition of the renovation landscape design of Chairman Mao Memorial Hall.Sponsored the General Office of the CPC Central Committee

3.The second price of the professional group in the 4th National Environmental Art Design Exhibition.

4. Excellence Award in the 5th National Teaching Annual Meeting of Architectural and Environmental Design Departments

(5.)Representative thesis

1. Zhang Dongdong, Zhang Qianqian. A Study on the Art of  Landscaping at Yunhui Temple in the Summer Palace [J]. Architectural Journal, 2015, 12: 12-16.

2. Zhang Dongdong. The Original Environment Research before the Constructing of Qingyi Garden [J]. Chinese Landscape Architecture, 2015, 02:120-124.

3. Zhang Dongdong. The Study of Choosing Sites of Summer Palace from the Perspective of Reconstruction of West Lake by Qianlong [J]. Chinese Landscape Architecture, 2015, 06:110-114.

4. Zhang Dongdong, Zhang Qianqian, Chen Xiangjun. Exploration of the Terraced Garden Art of Yunhui Temple of the Clear Ripples Garden Based on Traditional Culture [J]. Chinese Landscape Architecture, 2016, 03:112-116.

5.Zhang Dongdong, Xie Mingyang. Landscape Architecture Study of Xieqiu Xuan in Summer Palace [J]. Landscape Architecture, 2015, 05:93-99.

6. Xie Mingyang, Zhang Dongdong. Study on the Restoration of Di Garden in Yangzhou [J]. Art & Design, 2015, 07:82-83.

7. Zhang Dongdong. Analysis of Layout Method of Landscape Architecture in the Summer Palace [C]. Proceedings of the 2013 conference of the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture, 2013:820-824.

8. Zhang Dongdong. A Study on the Layout and Selective Parts of the Garden of Clear Ripples [D]. Beijing Forestry University, 2016.

(6.)Research project

1. 2016 to now. China Postdoctoral Science Foundation fund “A Study on the Recovery of the Garden District of Daming Palace in Tang Dynasty: Taking the Taiye Lake & its Surrounding Environment as the Main Research Object”, 2016M602828.

2. 2015 to 2017. Social Science Funds Project in Beijing “Landscaping Design Art Research in Ming and Qing Dynasties in Beijing”, 14WYB066.

(7.)Design practice

1. Landscape Architecture Planning and Design of the Civil Center of Xiangyang City, 175.8hm2, 2013.

2. The Renovation Landscape Design of Old Train Station in Shijiazhuang City, 2.3hm2, 2014.

3. Garden Design of Reception center of An army in Shanxi Province, 2.6hm2, 2013.

4. Landscape Planning and Design of I'li River Park in I'li City,35.2hm2, 2012.

5. Landscape Architecture Design of Demonstration area of Hongze Town in Tianjin City, 2.3hm2, 2011.

6. Bridgehead and Landscape Architeture Design of Heng Bridge in Xianyang City, 1.6hm2, 2011.

7. The Software new town concept planning in Xi'an City, 1.6hm2, 2011.

8. Landscape Sculpture Design of Yanta District in Xi'an City, 3 case, 2009.

9. The international competition of garden design of Xi'an Warld Horticultural Exposition, 0.167hm2, 2010.

10. The competition of the renovation landscape design of Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, 58hm2, 2012.

11. Memorial cemetery design of Mr. Zhang Xuejin in Beijing, 0.036hm2, 2012.

12. Landscape architecture design of convalescent center of veteran cadre, 0.56hm2, 2012.

13. Landscape Architecture Planning and Design of the Civil Center of I'li City, 2.96hm2, 2011.

14. Shelterbelt landscape planning and design of Dayawan petrochemical industry District, 27hm2, 2012.