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Liu J, Zhang W* , Huang S , et al. QoE-driven HAS Live Video Channel Placement in the Media Cloud[J]. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 2020, PP(99):1-13. (CCF B类,XJTU A)

Wang X, Wang Y, Shi Y, Zhang W* et al. AvatarMeeting: An Augmented Reality Remote Interaction System With Personalized Avatars[C]//Proceedings of the 28th ACM International Conference on Multimedia ACM Mulitmedia. 2020: 4533-4535. (CCF A会议,demo and video track)

Liu X, Wang J, Zhang W*, et al. EmotionTracker: A Mobile Real-time Facial Expression Tracking System with the Assistant of Public AI-as-a-Service[C]//Proceedings of the 28th ACM International Conference on Multimedia ACM Mulitmedia. 2020: 4530-4532. (CCFA会议,demo and video track)

Wang Xuanyu; Du Haipeng; Zhang Weizhan; Zheng Qinghua; Deploying Fused Sharable Video Interaction Channels in Mobile Cloud, 2020 IEEE Global Communications Conference (IEEE Globecom), Taipei, China, 2020.12.7-2020.12.11. CCF C类)


Bingfang Qi, Weizhan Zhang*, Chunmeng Yang, Qinghua Zheng. MUCH: Priority-based Collaborative Multi-Channel HTTP Adaptive Streaming[C].2019 IEEE 23rd International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design (CSCWD).2019: 446-451 CCF C类)

Xuanyu Wang, Weizhan Zhang *, Xiang Gao, Jingyi Wang, Haipeng Du and Qinghua Zheng. Toward Cost-Effective Mobile Video Streaming through Environment-Aware Watching State Prediction [J]. Sensors.2019, 19(17): 3654. (XJTU B)

Weizhan Zhang*, Zhichao He, Biao Du, Minnan Luo, with the Qinghua Zheng. Deploying External Bandwidth Guaranteed Media Server Clusters for Real-Time Live Streaming in Media Cloud [J]. PLoS ONE.2019, 14(4): e0214809. (XJTU B)

Hui Zhao, Zili Wu, Quan Wang, Jing Wang, Weizhan Zhang. Work-in-Progress: Version-Aware Video Caching Strategy for Multi-version VoD Systems [C]. RTSS 2019: 536-539

郑庆华,董博,钱步月,田锋,魏笔凡,张未展,刘均. 智慧教育研究现状与发展趋势, 计算机研究与发展, 2019, 56(1), 209-224. (CCF A)




Zhang W, He H, Ye S, et al. Enhancing QoE for Mobile Users by Environment-Aware HTTP Adaptive Streaming[J]. Sensors, 2018, 18(11): 3645. (XJTU B)

Wang J, Yang S, Zhang W*, et al. Experimental Study of Video Fusion for Multi-View Video Streaming in Mobile Media Cloud[C] IEEE Mobile Cloud. IEEE, 2018: 79-86.

Zhao H, Wang J, Liu F, Wang Q, Zhang W, Zheng Q. Power-aware and Performance-guaranteed Virtual Machine Placement in the Cloud[J]. IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, 2018. To appear. (CCF A类,XJTU A)

Zhao H, Zheng Q, Zhang W*. Prediction-based and Locality-aware Task Scheduling for Parallelizing Video Transcoding over Heterogeneous MapReduce Cluster [J]. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology. 2017, 28(4): 1009-1020. (CCF B类,XJTU A)

Xie T, Zheng Q, Zhang W. Mining temporal characteristics of behaviors from interval events in e-learning[J]. Information Sciences, 2018, 447: 169-185.  (XJTU A)

Haipeng Du, Qinghua Zheng, Weizhan Zhang*, Xiang Gao. A Bandwidth Variation Pattern-Differentiated Rate Adaptation for HTTP Adaptive Streaming Over an LTE Cellular Network [J]. IEEE Access 2018, 6: 9554-9569  (XJTU B)

Hui Zhao, Jing Wang, Feng Liu, Quan Wang, Nan Luo, Weizhan Zhang. Resource Allocation for Virtual Streaming Media Server Cluster in Cloud-based Multi-version VoD [C]. IEEE International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design(CSCWD).2018: 313-318 CCF C类)

Haipeng Du, Weizhan Zhang, Xuanyu Wang, Qinghua Zheng. Integrated Bandwidth Variation Pattern Differentiation for HTTP Adaptive Streaming over 4G Cellular Networks [C]. IPCCC 2018: 1-9 CCF C类)

Gao X, Zhang W, Liu J, et al. Deploying Structured Media Server Cluster in Media Cloud Using Ant Colony Optimization[C]. 2018 IEEE Scalable Computing & Communications, (SCALCOM). IEEE, 2018: 1697-1704.


Xie T, Zheng Q, Zhang W*, et al. Recognizing Physical Contexts of Mobile Video Learners via Smartphone Sensors [J]. Knowledge-Based Systems.  2017, 136: 75-84. (XJTU A)

Xie T, Zheng Q, Zhang W*Qu H, et al. Modeling and Predicting the Active Video-Viewing Time in a Large-Scale E-Learning System [J]. IEEE Access 5: 11490-11504 (2017) (XJTU B)

Zhang W*, Chen Y, Gao X, Mo Z, Zheng Q, Lu Z. Cluster-Aware Virtual Machine Collaborative Migration in Media Cloud [J]. IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems. 2017, 28(10): 2808-2822. (CCF A类,XJTU A)

Du H, Zheng Q, Zhang W*, Huang Y. LTE-EMU: A High-Fidelity LTE Cellar Network Testbed for Mobile Video Streaming [J]. Mobile Networks and Applications. 2017. 22(3):454-463  (XJTU B)

Zhao H, Zheng Q, Zhang W*, Du B, Li H. A Segment-based Storage and Transcoding Trade-off Strategy for Multi-version VoD Systems in the Cloud [J]. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia.  2017,19(1): 149-159 (CCF B类,XJTU A)


Haipeng Du, Qinghua Zheng, Weizhan Zhang, Xiang Gao. BINARY: A Bandwidth Variation Pattern-Aware Rate Adaptation for HTTP Adaptive Streaming over 4G Cellular Network [C]. ISPA 2017: 135-142 CCF C类)



Lu Z, Wen Y, Zhang W, et al. Towards Information Diffusion in Mobile Social Networks [J]. IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 2016, 15(5): 1292-1304. (CCF A类,XJTU A)

Xie T, Zheng Q, Zhang W*, et al. A Behavioral Sequence Analyzing Framework for Grouping Students in an E-learning System [J]. Knowledge-Based Systems. 2016, 111: 36-50. (XJTU A)

Zhang W*, Ye S, Li B, et al. A priority-based adaptive scheme for multi-view live streaming over HTTP [J]. Computer Communications, 2016, 85: 89-97. (XJTU B)

叶舒雁,张未展*,齐天亮,李静,郑庆华 一种基于传感器与用户行为数据分析的移动学习场景感知分类方法[J]. 计算机研究与发展. 2016, 53 (12): 2708-2720 (CCF A)


Zhang W*, Liu J, Liu C, et al. Workload modeling for virtual machine-hosted application [J]. Expert Systems with Applications, 2015, 42(4): 1835-1844. (XJTU A)

 Zhao H, Zheng Q, Zhang W*, et al. Virtual machine placement based on the VM performance models in cloud[C]//2015 IEEE 34th International Performance Computing and Communications Conference (IPCCC). IEEE, 2015: 1-8. CCF C类)

Zhao H, Zheng Q, Zhang W*, et al. A version-aware computation and storage trade-off strategy for multi-version VoD systems in the cloud[C]//2015 IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communication (ISCC). IEEE, 2015: 943-948. CCF C类)

杜海鹏,郑庆华,张未展*,闫继锋一种面向4G-LTE网络的丢包区分算法[J]. 计算机研究与发展.  2015  52 (12): 2684-2694  (CCF A)


Zhang W*, Mo Z, Chen C, et al. CBC: Caching for cloud-based VOD systems [J]. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2014, 73(3): 1663-1686. (XJTU B)

Zheng Q, Du H, Li J, Zhang W*, et al. Open-LTE: An open LTE simulator for mobile video streaming[C]//Multimedia and Expo Workshops (ICMEW), 2014 IEEE International Conference on. IEEE, 2014: 1-2.

Tian F, Gao P, Li L, Zhang W*, et al. Recognizing and regulating e-learners’ emotions based on interactive Chinese texts in e-learning systems [J].Knowledge-Based Systems, 2014, 55: 148-164. (XJTU A)

Zhao H, Zheng Q, Zhang W*, et al. MSC: a multi-version shared caching for multi-bitrate VoD services [J]. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2014: 1-23. (XJTU B)

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  1. 一种移动云计算环境下融合视频直播频道部署方法。张未展,王轩宇,郑庆华,何智超,李姝洁,王迎春,黄寿钦,柳俊全,栾佳锡,王敬祎,冯立楷,王志文,杜海鹏,赵敏,李国斌,高祥玉,王雪松,周新运。专利授权号:ZL 201910289982.3。
  2. 张未展;柳俊全;郑庆华;张英鹏;何浩;王轩宇;黄寿钦;杜海鹏;赵敏;李国斌;高祥玉;王雪松。 一种云计算环境下QoE驱动的HAS直播频道调度方法 2020.10.27,2018111430302
  3. 张未展;张英鹏;郑庆华;柳俊全;何浩;王迎春;李姝洁;高翔;赵敏;李国斌;高祥玉;王雪松。一种环境感知的HTTP自适应流媒体QoE优化方法 2020.07.28,2018111413788
  4. 杜海鹏;齐冰芳;张未展;黄寿钦;王轩宇;王迎春;李姝洁;何智超;柳俊全;冯立楷;栾佳锡;王敬祎;郑庆华;赵敏;李国斌;高祥玉;王雪松;周新运,一种基于HTTP/2的HAS视频切片推送方法,2020.06.02,2019102908343
  5. 王志文; 何浩;郑庆华;王迎春;李姝洁;何智超;黄寿钦;王轩宇;王敬祎;冯立楷;栾佳锡;柳俊全;张未展;赵敏;李国斌;高祥玉;王雪松;周新运,一种基于深度学习网络的内容感知视频自适应传输方法 2020.04.10, 201910290831X
  6. 张未展; 郑庆华;何昌其;宝思阳;高翔;闫继锋;杜海鹏。 一种QoE驱动的HTTP自适应流媒体直播服务器集群部署方法, 2019.06.04, 201610846697.3
  7. 张未展; 郑庆华;叶舒雁;高翔;张英鹏;杜海鹏。 一种基于传感器数据与学习操作行为的移动学习场景感知方法, 2019.04.16, 201610846943.5
  8. 郑庆华;杜海鹏;黄云辉;闫继锋;杨春萌;何昌其;张未展。一种面向场景的移动网络仿真可信度量化评估方法,2018.11.09,2016108465415
  9. 郑庆华;杜海鹏;杨春萌;张英鹏;宝思阳;张未展。 一种QoE驱动的多频道HAS码率自适应调度方法, 2019.04.09, 20161084542.X
  10. 郑庆华; 赵辉; 孔勰; 曹世磊; 宋成龙; 张未展,一种面向流媒体直播与视频转码的OpenStack虚拟机放置方法,2018.07.27,2015107187795
  11. 郑庆华; 叶俊挺; 陈艳平; 张未展; 韩宁,一种挖掘纳税金额突增的关联纳税人群体的方法, 2018.07.17,2014108028594
  12. 郑庆华; 赵辉; 李珍艳; 朱子豪; 熊双双; 张未展, 一种多版本视频点播流媒体服务器集群资源预测方法, 2018.07.06, 2015107183718
  13. 郑庆华; 杜海鹏; 黄云辉; 何昌其; 闫继锋; 李俊科; 赵辉; 张未展,一种基于TD-LTE移动网络传输特征的丢包区分方法,2018.05.18, 2015107183008
  14. 张未展; 郑庆华; 陈宇轩; 曹世磊; 莫志超; 赵辉, 一种基于DCN的虚拟流媒体集群协同迁移方法, 2018.05.18,2015107188035
  15. 张未展; 郑庆华; 叶舒雁; 赵辉; 杨春萌; 李斌, 一种QoE驱动的HTTP流媒体点播缓冲区控制方法, 2018.03.16,201510717977X
  16. 刘均; 马健; 郑庆华; 张未展; 吴蓓, 一种基于多标签分类的税务文档层次分类方法 2017.06.27 , 2014104005220
  17. 刘均; 张莎; 郑庆华; 张未展; 米建红, 一种基于纳税人年报的纳税人税务交易行为识别方法, 2017.04.26, 2014103895795
  18. 董博; 阮建飞; 郑庆华; 贺欢; 张汉宁; 张未展, 一种多数据中心的HDFS数据读写方法, 2016.06.08 , 2014103442189
  19. 张未展,贺欢,薛妮,郑庆华,董博,一种面向MapReduce框架的地理归属信息查询方法,2016.03.30,2014103284490
  20. 陈灵; 李俊科; 赵辉; 张未展; 郑庆华, 云架构环境下的视频点播异步交互方法, 2015.12.23, 2013103449183
  21. 董博; 阮建飞; 郑庆华; 张汉宁; 马天; 张未展, 基于P2P构架的MapReduce任务跨数据中心调度系统及方法, 2015.11.11, 2014103442297
  22. 张未展,郑庆华,李庆喻,李静,赵辉,李珍艳,支持学习过程记录与上传的移动终端自主点播学习系统与方法,2015.10.21, 2013107399268
  23. 郑庆华; 陈宇轩; 杜彪; 宋成龙; 赵辉; 钱北平; 张未展, 一种基于OpenStack的流媒体服务器集群部署方法, 2015.10.21, 201410385215X
  24. 郑庆华; 赵辉; 叶舒雁; 李珍艳; 尹超; 张未展, 一种基于多码率版本的视频云点播系统视频文件部署方法, 2015.10.21 2014103871659
  25. 张未展,张汉宁,郑庆华,董博,贺欢,基于主从架构的MapReduce任务跨数据中心调度系统及方法,2015.09.30, 2014103442422
  26. 张未展,莫志超,郑庆华,赵辉,仵仲翰,基于Map-Reduce的视频转码任务调度方法,2015.08.05, 2014103867066
  27. 杜海鹏;杜彪; 郑庆华; 李俊科; 吕宾; 张未展, 基于移动网络丢包状态的直播视频数据传输差错控制方法, 2015.08.05,2014103862471
  28. 刘均; 李晨玮; 郑庆华; 张未展; 吕彦章, 一种基于纳税人利益关联网络的可疑纳税人识别方法,2015.04.29,201410328391X
  29. 张未展,钱北平,王军,仵中翰,赵辉,郑庆华,一种基于云计算的P2P流媒体服务器集群部署方法,2015.04.15,2013102516570
  30. 郑庆华; 吕宾; 郑炎; 杜海鹏; 赵辉; 张未展, 基于信号强度的直播视频数据传输差错控制方法, 2015.04.15,  2013102534386
  31. 郑庆华; 李斌; 陈小云; 赵辉; 张未展, 一种基于HLS的多场景流媒体自适应直播方法,  2015.04.15,  2013102534367
  32. 张未展,尹超,陈成,赵辉,郑庆华,一种支持多码率版本的视频云点播缓存调度方法,2015.04.15, 2013102530563
  33. 郑庆华; 赵辉; 刘均; 杜海鹏; 张未展; 陈小云; 陈皙, 一种多场景流媒体课件录制与直播方法, 2014.11.05,  2012101807998
  34. 张未展,郑庆华,刘均,陈小云,赵辉,杜海鹏,一种支持异构终端与异构网络环境的应用层组播方法,2014.04.23,011103126120
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  36. 郑庆华; 刘均; 张未展; 何京江; 郏新颜; 车轶; 刘文江; 陈杰,  IPv4/IPv6混合环境下多媒体交互网关实现方, 2010.05.19,  2007100173369