Basic Information

Prof. Zhicheng Zhang

Department of Applied Chemistry
School of Chemistry

Xi’an Jiaotong University
Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, PR China, 710049

Contact Information


Tel: (+86) 029-82668546

       (+86) 029-82663937

Add: Chemistry Building 304  
          No. 28 Xianning West Road
          Xi’an, P.R.China


Education and work experience


2008.5-now  Xi’an Jiaotong University, Professor 
2005.7-2008.5  The Pennsyvania State University, Postdoc
2002.9-2005.7  PhD. in Polymer Chemistry and Physics  Institute of Chemistry the Chinese Academy of Sciences 
1999.9-2002.7 Master of Material Science and Technology  Xi’anJiaotongUniversity
1995.9-1999.7  Bachelor of Material Science and Technology  Xi’anJiaotongUniversity

Research Interests

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)-based fluoropolymers are widely used in many fields due to their excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance and solvent resistance. PVDF-based fluoropolymers have high dielectric constants and have been widely used in electromagnetic railguns, electromagnetic catapults, high-resolution sonars since their piezoelectricity and subsequent dielectric, ferroelectric, and pyroelectric properties were reported. , high-sensitivity sensors and other major national needs. The research areas of this team are mainly in the design of new fluoropolymers, modification methods, structure-property relationship and regulation of fluoropolymer materials, electroactive fluoropolymers and their applications in high energy storage capacitors, sensors and other fields, Controllable synthesis of novel high-energy-storage polymer dielectric materials, etc. Our research interests are as follows: 

     1)  Organofluorine Chemistry and Chemical Modification of Fluoropolymers
     2)  Design and controllable synthesis of advanced energy storage polymers
     3)  Research on Energy Storage Polymer Composite Dielectric
     4)  Smart Materials Synthesis and Sensor Applications
     5)  Biomedical Functional Materials



♦ 2022

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♦ 2021

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♦ 2019

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