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Prof. Changchun Zhong

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Changchun Zhong received his B.S. degree from Minzu University of China in July 2008, a M.S. degree from Beijing Normal University in July 2011 and a Ph.D. from Purdue University in December 2017. He then moved to Yale University working as a Postdoc Scholar at Yale Quantum Institute until September 2019. After that, he joined the Pritzker School of Molecule Engineering at the University of Chicago until December 2023. Changchun cofounded the tech company Sequre, focusing on Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC). In January 2024, Changchun joined Xi’an Jiaotong University as a full professor in the Physics department. Changchun loves all kinds of riddles in his spare time, e.g., try the following one:


Professor M.K. plans to throw a series of dinner party at home, inviting all his group members and their spouses or boy-girl friends. Suppose there are n group members, the total guests would be 2n. Professor M.K has a big round table in the dinner room, and he wants the party to go like this: each night, each person will have different people sitting on the left and right, enlarging the chance of communications between different persons. Obviously, the party can not go on for more than n nights, since no new person can be arranged to sit on anyone’s side. Question: determine the value of n, that makes it possible for the party to last n nights (before two people have to sit next to each other more than once)?





Research interests:

Zhong group theoretically investigates hybrid quantum system and its potential applications to, e.g., quantum transduction, quantum metrology, with a great emphasis on the practical protocols to coherently connecting different quantum platforms. The research topics play important roles in quantum networking and distributed quantum architectures. The group welcomes students with great interests in generic quantum information theory or quantum Shannon theory.


Representative papers:

  1. Changchun Zhong, Mingrui Xu, Aashish Clerk, Hong X. Tang and Liang Jiang, “Quantum transduction is enhanced by single mode squeezing operator”, Phys. Rev. Res. Lett. 4, L042013 (2022).
  2. Changchun Zhong, Xu Han, and Liang Jiang, “Quantum transduction with microwave and optical entanglement”, Phys. Rev. Applied, 18, 054061 (2022).
  3. Changchun Zhong, Z. Wang, Changling Zou, Mengzhen Zhang, Xu Han, Wei Fu, Mingrui Xu, S Shankar, Michel H Devoret, Hong X Tang, Liang Jiang. “Proposal for Heralded Generation and Detection of Entangled Microwave–Optical-Photon Pairs”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 124, 010511 (2020).
  4. Changchun Zhong, Changhun Oh and Liang Jiang, “Information transmission with continuous variable quantum erasure channels”, Quantum 7,939 (2023)
  5. Changchun Zhong, Xu Han, Hong X. Tang, and Liang Jiang. “Entanglement of microwave-optical modes in a strongly coupled electro-optomechanical system”, Phys. Rev. A 101, 032345 (2020).
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  8. Xu Han, W. Fu, Changchun Zhong, C. Zou, Yuntao Xu, A. Sayem, Mingrui Xu, S. Wang, R. Cheng, Liang Jiang, Hong X Tang. “Cavity piezo-mechanics for superconducting-nanophotonic quantum interface”, Nature Comm. 11, 3237 (2020).
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  15. Changchun Zhong, F. Robicheaux, “Spectrum of quasistable states in a strong infrared field”, Phys. Rev. A 92, 013406 (2015), Editors’ Suggestion.
  16. Changchun Zhong, Yat Wong, and Liang Jiang, “Entanglement trimming in stabilizer formalism”, arXiv:2103.09932 (2021) .

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Job opportunity:

The Zhong Group is recruiting graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.



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