Basic Information

Zhonghao Sun, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in Civil Engineering

School of Human Settlements and Civil Engineering


Department of Civil Engineering

School of Human Settlements and Civil Engineering

Xi'an Jiaotong University



Education and Working Experience

2021     Associate Professor, Xi'an Jiaotong University

2019     Postdoctoral Fellow, The University of Texas at Austin

2018     Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology

2015     MSCE, Georgia Institute of Technology

2013     B.S., Tsinghua University

Research Interests

Dr. Sun's research focuses on advancing the fundamental understanding of multiphase flow and coupled processes in porous media from micro to macro scales, which contribute to solving flow-related problems in various applications such as rainfall infiltration, oil and gas recovery, and CO2 geological storage. Results have been published in leading journals, including Nature Communications, Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, and Water Resources Research.



2020 Editors' Highlights, Nature Communications,

2019 Editors' Suggestion, Physical Review E,

2010-2012 Academic First Class Scholarship



Sun, Z.*, Mehmani, A., Torres-Verdin, C. (2021), Pore-Scale Investigation of the Electrical Resistivity of Saturated Porous Media: Flow Patterns and Porosity Efficiency. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth. (accepted)

Liu, Q.#Sun, Z.#, and Santamarina, J. C. (2021). Self-assembled nanoparticle-coated interfaces: Capillary pressure, shell formation and buckling. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 581(A), 251-261.

Sun, Z.*, Mehmani, A., Torres-Verdin, C. (2020), Subpore-scale trapping mechanisms following imbibition: a microfluidics investigation of surface roughness effects. Water Resources Research, 57(2), e2020WR028324.

Nauruzbayeva#, J., Sun, Z.#, Junior, A. G.#, Ibrahim, M., Santamarina, J. C., Mishra, H. (2020), Electrification at water-hydrophobe interfaces. Nature Communications, 11, 5285(2020).

Sun, Z.* and Santamarina, J.C. (2019). Haines jumps: Pore scale mechanisms. Physical Review E, 100(2), 023115.

Liu, Q., Sun, Z.*, and Santamarina, J. C. (2019). Transport and adsorption of silica nanoparticles in carbonate reservoirs: A sand column study. Energy & Fuels, 33(5), 4009-4016.

Sun, Z.* and Santamarina, J.C. (2019), Grain-displacive gas migration in fine-grained sediments. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth. 124(3), 2274-2285.

Sun, Z.*, Jang, J., and Santamarina, J.C. (2018), Time-dependent pore filling. Water Resources Research, 54(12), 10242-10253.

Jang, J., Sun, Z., and Santamarina, J.C. (2016), Capillary pressure across a pore throat in the presence of surfactants. Water Resources Research, 52, 9586-9599​.


Book Chapters

Santamarina, J. C., Park, J., Terzariol, M., Cardona, A., Castro, G. M., Cha, W., Garcia, A., Hakiki, F., Lyu, C, Salva, M., Shen, Y., Sun, Z., and Chong, S. H. (2019). Soil properties: physics inspired, data driven. In Geotechnical fundamentals for addressing new world challenges (pp. 67-91). Springer, Cham.



Sun, Z.*, Mehmani, A., Torres-Verdin, C. (2020), Pore-scale investigation of porosity-resistivity-permeability relationships: implications for petrophysical rock typing. SPWLA 61st Annual Logging Symposium-Online.

Santamarina, J.C. and Sun, Z. (2017), Mixed fluid conditions: Capillary phenomena. Poromechanics VI: Proceedings of the Sixth Biot Conference on Poromechanics, Paris.