Blank 4

Happy 5th Anniversary!(2019.05.04)


Professor Matthias Beller, Professor Cong-Yang Wang, Professor Qiu-Ling Song and Professor Hai-Chao Xu  visit us (2018.06.29) 


 Professor Guo-Sheng Liu, Professor Chen Zhu and Professor Zhuang-Zhi Shi visit us (2018.06.24) 


       Group excursion (2017.05.20) 


   Dr. Henrik Junge and Dr.Kathrin Junge from LIKAT visit us! (2015.09.15)   


Prof. Beller from LIKAT visit us! (2015.08.06)


Prof. Wei-Dong Li from Chongqing University visit us! (2015.07.01)


                                     Group excursion (2015.05.16)         


                Prof. Zhang-Jie Shi from Peking University visit us! (2015.04.17)    


            Send off Dr. Ming-Yu Yang, welcome Mr. Chong-Yi Ai


        Prof. Xue-Gong She from Lanzhou University visit us! (2014.11.14)




 New   Lab (2014.10.18)