Blank 4



                                                                                                                        New   Lab (2014.10.18)

                                                                       Prof. Xue-Gong She from Lanzhou University visit us! (2014.11.14)


                                                                                              Send off Dr. Ming-Yu Yang, welcome Mr. Chong-Yi Ai

                                                                                           Prof. Zhang-Jie Shi from Peking University visit us! (2015.04.17)   


                                                                                                       Group excursion (2015.05.16)                                                                

Prof. Wei-Dong Li from Chongqing University visit us! (2015.07.01)

                                                                                                Prof. Beller from LIKAT visit us! (2015.08.06)



   Dr. Henrik Junge and Dr.Kathrin Junge from LIKAT visit us! (2015.09.15)


       Group excursion (2017.05.20) 

 Professor Guo-Sheng Liu, Professor Chen Zhu and Professor Zhuang-Zhi Shi visit us (2018.06.24) 


 Professor Matthias Beller, Professor Cong-Yang Wang, Professor Qiu-Ling Song and Professor Hai-Chao Xu  visit us (2018.06.29)