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Prof. Dr. Yang Li


Research & work experience: 


Professor, Group Leader I          Center for Organic Chemistry,

 (05/2014-)                                  Frontier Institute of Science and Technology(FIST),

                                                     Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU), Xi’an, China

Leibniz Fellowship                      Leibniz-Institut für Katalyse e.V. an der Universität Rostock,

(07/2013-04/2014)                     Germany (Supervisor: Professor Matthias Beller)

Experienced Humboldt              Leibniz-Institut für Katalyse e.V. an der Universität Rostock

Fellowship                                   Germany (Supervisor: Professor Matthias Beller) 


Postdoctoral Fellow                    College of Chemistry & Molecular Engineering,

(05/2009-12/2011)                     Peking  University, Beijing , China

                                                     (Supervisor: Professor Zhang-Jie Shi)

Research Group Leader              WuXi PharmaTech Co., Ltd. Shanghai, China





Ph.D. (09/2001–07/2006)          State Key Laboratory of Applied Organic Chemistry,

                                                    College of Chemistry and Chemical  Engineering,

                                                    Lanzhou University, Lanzhou, China

                                                    (Supervisor: Professor Xiao-Ping Cao)

B. Sc. (09/1997–07/2001)          Department of Chemistry,

                                                    Baoji University of Arts and Sciences, Baoji, China


Awards and honours:


2020                                   Thieme Chemistry Journals Award


2014                                   The Winner of the Excellent Poster Award in the1st

                                           Sino-Isael Bilateral Workshop & International Symposium

                                           on Organometallic and Homogenous Catalysis


2014                                   Best Poster Award in the 2nd International       

                                           Green Catalysis Symposium 


2012                                   Humboldt Research Fellowship for Experienced Researchers

Projects undertaken:


6    Seed Funding of FIST (II type)


5    Basic Research Funding of Xi'an Jiaotong University 


4    Project of National Science Foundation of China(NSFC21472145): Oxidant-free

     Transition-metal-catalyzed Cross Coupling Reaction via C-H Bonds Activation

3    Youth Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China ( NSFC 21002001) :

      Transition Metal Catalyzed sp2 C-H Bonds Addition to Aldehydes

2    The 48th China Postdoctoral Science Foundation: Transition Metal Catalyzed sp2 C-H

      bonds Addition to Imines

1    The 4th Special China Postdoctoral Science Foundation: Mechanistic Understanding of

      Rh-Catalyzed N-Sulfonylaldimines Insertion to Aryl C-H Bonds