One paper was published online in Journal of the American Chemical Society


Recently, one paper titled as “Boronic Ester Based Vitrimers with Enhanced Stability via Internal Boron-Nitrogen Coordination” was published online in Journal of the American Chemical Society, which co-authored by Xiaoting Zhang, Shujuan Wang, Zikang Jiang, Yu Li, and Xinli Jing. (Link to 10.1021/jacs.0c10244​​​​​).


The application of the polymers containing boronic ester or boroxine linkages is limited due to their instability to water. In this paper, based on the principle that the nitrogen-donor compounds can “lock” the vacant orbital of the boron atom to stabilize the boronic ester linkages, a new strategy for improving the stability of boronic ester based vitrimers via internal boron-nitrogen coordination was proposed. We anticipate that this study will provide a novel chemical strategy and concept for designing a range of robust and stable vitrimers with the potential for commercial industrial applications. (Written by Zhen Wang; proofread by Xiaolong Xing) ​​​​​​​


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