One paper on polypyrrole hydrogels published online ​​​​​​

Recently, one paper titled as “Facilely prepared conductive hydrogels based on polypyrrole nanotubes” was published online as a contribution to the special issue of Chemical Papers, which co-authored by Yu Li, Yanping Wang, Xiaoqin Liu, Shi Wang and Xinli Jing. (Link to


Hydrogels based on conducting polymers possess vast applications in the area of flexible electronics including strain sensors and energy storage devices. A lot of traditional synthetic routes to robust conducting polymer hydrogels always rely on an in-situ polymerization of the monomers or a processible conducting polymer dispersion, which is neither controllable nor cost-effective. The present work provides a facile method to obtain high-quality conducting hydrogels based on as-synthesized polypyrrole (PPy) nanotubes through solution infiltration followed by construction of a dual cross-linking network. In this way, both the properties of PPy nanotubes and the cross-linking manner of the hydrogel matrix polymers can be finely adjusted, which provides useful reference for the developing of high-performance flexible electronic materials. ​​​​​​​

(Written by Zhen Wang; proofread by Xiaolong Xing)


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