Scientific Research & Photo Gallery

  • Optomechanics

Linear polarized laser inducing ferroelastic phase transition in 2D materials



Opto-mechanically driven ultrafast topological phase transition in group IV-VI compounds


Anisotropic optostriction of two-dimensional materials with large intrinsic compressive strains


Terahertz inducing phase transitions between different ferroelectric/ferroelastic order



Topological phase transition in transition metal dichalcogenides under THz optics


Inducing surface rippling/wrinkles under photon irradiation


  • Spintronics



Two-dimensional ferromangetic semihydrogenated graphene with high Curie temperature


Ferrimagnetic honeycomb lattice showing nontrivial valley depedent topological feature

Self-assembly of organic porous two-dimensional ferromagnetic sheets



Nonlinear optics driven pure and hidden current carrying angular momentum (orbital & spin) information

Photomagnetization in two-dimensional sliding ferroelectric materials



Light-induced magnetization in out-of-plane ferroelectrics and hidden spin polarization detection



Magnetic proximity effect generates colossal bulk photovoltaic current in van der Waals layers


  • Electronics


External electric field enhancing hydrogen storage capacity of two-dimensional polarizable materials



Halogen-free clusters with multiple negatively charges for novel electrolyte in metal-ion battery


A two-dimensional carbon allotrope consisting exclusively pentagons


Synergistic control of bulk photovoltaics through both electric and magnetic dipoles