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   Yuan Rao     (PHD,  Professor)

       Department of Business Analysis and Technology, 

 Software EngineerSchool,  Xi’an Jiaotong University(XJTU)   



 Office:  (+86-29) 82663000-8002       

 Wechat:  iroyals

   As a Visiting Scholar at Language Technique Institute(LTI) of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU, 2015~2016)  and Visiting Scholar at IBM International Corp.(2012), Dr. Yuan RAO have a great research experiences both of Academic and Industry. After obtained his Phd Degree of Computer Science from Xi'an Jiaotong University in 2005, Dr. Rao studied SOA Framework as a post-doctoral researcher at Tsinghua University and also acted as a senior engineer in Ufida Software Company, which is the largest ERP software vendor in China. In 2007, He had been promoted to be the leader of SOA Innovation Center of UFIDA Corp. In 2008, he come back to XJTU as a teacher at Software School. In 2012, he launched a Lab, named the Lab of Social Intelligence and Complexity Data Processing (SICDP), and focused his research work on the four fields as follow: Social Intelligence and Sentiment Analysis, Algorithmic Trading and Assets Pricing, Knowledge Graph and Service, Complexity Data processing. The young students with talent of mathematic and programming capability are welcomed to the Lab of SICDP, we provide the master and the phd candidate researching position. 


(2.)Lab of SICDP

     Lab of Social Intelligence and Complex Data Processing( SICDP)  is launched in the July of 2012. After three years research work, we had finished more than 10 funding projects, published 4 books and 16 software certification. There are more than 30 alumnies graduated from our Lab, who research works just focus on the four areas as follow:

  • Social Intelligence and Sentiment Analysis
  • Fake News detection, propoganda, generation 
  • Knowledge Graph and Event Graph
  • Complexity Data Processing             

  The multi-aspect life in the Lab of SICDP:



  If  you have a dream and enduring passion, there are some fascinating and challenging research works  just waiting for your coming.