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论文标题    Hydrodynamic mechanism study of the diameter-varying spray tower with atomization impinging spray
作者    Xiaomei Wu , Maimoona Sharif , Yunsong Yu , Lei Chen, Zaoxiao Zhang*, Geoff Wang
发表/完成日期    2021-03-31
期刊名称    Separation and Purification Technology
期卷    268(150)
论文简介    Our group proposed a diameter-varying spray tower and a new spray mode of dual-nozzle opposed impinging spray method to achieve the low-energy-consumption and environmentally-friendly CO2 capture process and some meaningful results have been obtained by experiments. However, the detailed information about the hydrodynamics (like liquid and gas phase distribution, gas-liquid contacting area and gas-liquid contacting time causing by impinging spray) inside the proposed tower is hard to be obtained by experimental work. In this work, to specifically explain the hydrodynamic mechanism with impinging spray inside the proposed spray tower, ANSYS Fluent18.0 and Euler-Lagrange approach were used to simulate the complex gas-liquid two-phase flow based on experimental results. The effects of nozzle location, nozzle number, spray angle, liquid injection velocity and gas intake mode were investigated, and the optimal design scheme of the spray tower was proposed. Simulation results indicated that the dual-nozzle opposed impinging spray method (DOSM) showed better absorption performance compared with the single-nozzle side spray method (SSSM) and single-nozzle middle spray method (SMSM). Spray angle of 60 degrees had efficient gas-liquid distribution. The liquid inlet velocity of 8 m⋅s − 1 was suggested under the experimental conditions. The double-sided gas intake mode intensified gas-liquid absorption performance. The simulation results were well verified by experiments. The relationship between flow field optimization and CO2 absorption performance enhancing was also discussed comprehensively. Finally, it was concluded that both the numerical simulation and experimental results proved that the diameter-varying spray tower with the impinging spray method is a promising reactor for the CO2 capture system.