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论文标题    Exergo-economic analysis for screening of metal hydride pairs for thermochemical energy storage for solar baking system
作者    Iqra Ayub, Muhammad Salman Nasir, Yang Liu, Anjum Munir, Zhen Wu, Fusheng Yang, Zaoxiao Zhang
发表/完成日期    2022-03-09
期刊名称    Thermal Science and Engineering Progress
期卷    30()
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论文简介    The novelty of this research work is the exergo-economic analysis (including the cost of exergy destruction and exergy loss) of metal hydride based thermal energy storage system coupled with a solar bakery unit for the screening of metal hydride pairs (Case 1: pure MgH2/LaNi5 & Case 2: V2O5 doped MgH2/LaNi5) for thermo chemical energy storage. Firstly, a numerical simulation is performed by using COMSOL Multiphysics 5.3a software. Secondly, an economic and exergo-economic model is developed to calculate the annual levelized cost of the thermal energy storage system. The life-cycle economic assessment findings indicate that the Levelized thermal energy storage cost of the pure MgH2 based system (32.28 $ /kWhth) is 8.2 times higher than that of the V2O5 doped MgH2 system (3.954 $/kWhth). Moreover, an 87.75% decrease in cost was observed in Case 2 (V2O5 doped MgH2). Furthermore, Case 2 (V2O5 doped MgH2) can save 92.58 % of hydrogenation reaction time as compared to Case 1 (Pure MgH2). Ultimately, the selection of V2O5 based MgH2 as a thermal heat-storing me dium is then assessed as a better option for the MHTES for the solar bakery unit (SBU). The findings of this research provide a clear insight into the mechanism of cost formation in the system.