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论文标题    Resource utilization of solid waste carbide slag: a brief review of application technologies in various scenes
作者    Hongxia Wang, Wanyi Xu, Maimoona Sharif, Guangxu Cheng, Zaoxiao Zhang*
发表/完成日期    2022-03-01
期刊名称    Waste Disposal & Sustainable Energy
期卷    4
相关文章    Wang Hongxia-Resource utilization of solid waste carbide slag-a brief review of application technologies in various scenes.pdf   
论文简介    Abstract China is the largest producer and consumer of calcium carbide in the world. The calcium carbide industry is an indispensa ble industry to support the basic life of people. The huge production capacity of calcium carbide is accompanied by a large number of solid waste carbide slag. Due to the immature treatment technology of carbide slag, a large number of carbide slag are stacked on-site, resulting in land occupation, air-drying, easy take-of ash, and pollution of the environment and water resources. In China, calcium carbide is mainly used to produce acetylene and further utilized, 80% of which is used to produce polyvinyl chloride (PVC). A large amount of carbide slag is not used, while only a small part is used in the traditional building materials industry, fue gas desulfurization, sewage treatment, etc., however, the economic benefts are poor. Therefore, converting the solid waste carbide slag produced by the calcium carbide industry into high value-added CaCO3, CaCl2, CaSO4 whiskers, etc. has become a potential way to expand the development feld of the calcium carbide industry and is environmentally friendly. This paper focuses on summarizing the traditional and emerging high value-added utilization technologies of carbide slag, and then introduces the application research of carbide slag in carbon emission reduction. Finally, the defects of these technologies are summarized and further research directions are prospected. This study provides basic guidance for the diversifed development of efcient resource utilization of carbide slag.