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论文标题    Characterizing the performance of a single atom fluid
作者    Yunsong Yu, Chen Zhang, Jingfeng Zhang, Chenyang Zhou, Zaoxiao Zhang*, Geoff G.X. Wang
发表/完成日期    2021-11-01
期刊名称    Journal of Molecular Liquids
期卷    341
论文简介    In order to support the sustainable development goals, a new single atom fluid is developed where single atom coexistent in solvents mixture. The single atom fluid of Ni/PANI/PyBIG outstandings thermoelectric properties. This fluid simultaneously shows high activity and fluidity due to the intensification effect of single atom. The temperature, pressure and weight fraction of Ni are observed to significantly influence the thermoelectric effect and activity by experiment and DFT simulation. It is found that the Seebeck coefficient and potential are almost increased by 100% as the temperature difference increases from 40 K to 70 K. An increase of weight fraction from 0.1% to 0.4% improves the Seebeck coefficient and the potential by 49.92% and 1.66 times, respectively. An interesting slag phenomenon is also identified. The single atom fluid has wide industrial application value.