ZHANG Zaoxiao

    Address:  Xianning West Road 28#, Xi'an, 
                    Shaanxi Province, P. R. China
    Phone:    +86-29-82660689
    Fax:         +86-29-82668566



Professor Zaoxiao Zhang has been involved with the research of energy system optimization. He has a lot of cooperation experiences with industries. Building on this industry background, Zaoxiao Zhang has combined field and laboratory studies to build an interdisciplinary research program with emphasis on energy systems and fossil fuel resources. An important research direction in the last ten years is in the area of energy and environmental technologies for the increase of the energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions in the industrial processes. He has published more than 150 journal papers including about 70 papers in the important energy journals such as Applied energy, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy,etc.



1. Received the Bachelor's degree in the Department of Energy, Xi'an Jiaotong University in July 1985.
2. Received the Master's degree in the Department of Energy, Xi'an Jiaotong University in April 1988.
3. Received the Doctorate degree in the School of Energy and Power Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University in June 1998.
4. From December 2001 to March 2002, Studied in Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) as a visiting scholar.
5. From August 2003 to July 2004, Studied in The Department of Chemical Engineering, The University of Queensland, Australia as a visiting scholar.



From April 1988 to present, work in the Department of Chemical Process Machinery, Xi'an Jiaotong university.
Assistant Lecturer, from April 1988 to June 1990.
Lecturee, from July 1990 to June 1996.
Associate Professor, from July 1996 to June 2001.
Professor, from June 2001 to present.


    Professional Experience

1. Senior member of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society
2. Senior member of Chinese Refrigeration Society
3. Senior member of Chinese Chemical Engineering Society
4. Professional Committee Member of the Application of Thermodynamics and Engineering, Chinese Energy Research Society
5. Professional Committee Member of the Chemical Machinery, Shaanxi Chemical Engineering Society, China


    Research Areas and Interests

1. CO2 capture and sequestration technologies
2. Energy storage and utilization with high efficiency
3. Metal hydrides and its applications
4. New type of chemical machinery


    Awards and Honors


1. The third prize from Chinese Education Ministry
2. The second prize from Beijing City Government


    Current Teaching

1. Process Control Instruments and System Design (for undergraduate students)
2. Optimal Method and its Engineering Applications (for postgraduate students)
3. Process Dynamics and Modeling (for postgraduate students)



Published Papers

论文标题 作者 发表/完成日期 期刊名称
ptimization of hydrogen distribution network considering pressure and heat recovery Ruifeng Dong, Yunsong Yu, Zaoxiao Zhang 2015-04-01 Energy Procedia
nvestigation of gas purging process in pipeline by numerical method Denglong Ma, Zaoxiao Zhang,Yun Li 2015-03-02 Process Safety and Environmental Protection
Optimization of heat transfer device and analysis of heat & mass transfer on the finned multi-tubular metal hydride tank Jincheng Ma, Yuqi Wang,Shaofei Shi, Fusheng Yang, Zewei Bao, Zaoxiao Zhang 2014-08-22 International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
Simultaneous optimization of integrated heat, mass and pressure exchange network using exergoeconomic method Ruifeng Dong, Yunsong Yu, Zaoxiao Zhang 2014-08-04 Applied Energy
Investigation of gas purging process in pipeline by numerical method Denglong Ma, Zaoxiao Zhang, Yun Li 2014-07-14 Process Safety and Environmental Protection
Hybrid algorithm of minimum relative entropy-particle swarm optimization with adjustment parameters for gas source term identification in atmosphere Denglong Ma, Simin Wang, Zaoxiao Zhang 2014-05-20 Atmospheric Environment
Simulation study on the outlet flow dynamics of a hydride-based hydrogen storage canister for medical use Fusheng Yang, Zaoxiao Zhang, Dengfeng Gao, Yuqi Wang, Xuyang Chen 2014-03-11 International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
Magnesium based metal hydride reactor incorporating helical coil heat exchanger: Simulation study and optimal design Zhen Wu, Fusheng Yang, Zaoxiao Zhang, Zewei Bao 2014-01-25 Applied Energy
Performance simulation and experimental confirmation of a micro-channel metal hydrides reactor Xiangyu Meng, Zewei Bao, Zaoxiao Zhang 2013-09-13 International Journal of Hydrogen Energy
Comparison and improvements of optimization methods for gas emission source identification Denglong Ma, Jianqiang Deng, Zaoxiao Zhang 2013-09-05 Atmospheric Environment
A method for online CO2 leakage monitoring in geosequestration based on apparent leakage flux Ma Denglong, Zhang Zaoxiao 2013-09-01 Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering
Microstructure and improved hydrogen storage properties of Mg-based alloy powders prepared by modified milling method Z. Wu, F. S. Yang, Z. W. Bao, Z. X. Zhang 2013-08-09 Powder Metallurgy
Determining the performance of an efficient non-aqueous CO2 capture process at desorption temperature below 373K Y.S. Yu, H.F. Lu, T.T. Zhang, Z.X. Zhang 2013-08-07 Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
Correlation analysis for online CO2 leakage monitoring in geological sequestration Denglong Ma, Jianqiang Deng, Zaoxiao Zhang 2013-06-03 The Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies
Improvement in Hydrogen Storage Characteristics of Mg-based Metal Hydrides by Interstitially Doping Nonmetals with High Electronegativity: A First-principle Study Zhen Wu, Fusheng Yang, Zaoxiao Zhang 2013-05-20 The Journal of Physical Chemistry A
Characterizing the transport properties of multi-amine solutions for CO2 capture by molecular dynamics simulation Y.S. Yu, G.X. Wang, H.F. Lu, Z.X. Zhang 2013-04-24 Journal of chemical and engineering data
Simulation Studies on the Heat and Mass Transfer in High-temperature Magnesium Hydride Reactors Z. W. Bao, F.S. Yang, Z.X. Zhang 2013-04-13 International Conference on Applied Energy
Investigation of the impedance characteristics in the pitting evolutionary process of Alloy 690 Jun Hu, Quan Duan, Zaoxiao Zhang 2013-02-27 Annals of Nuclear Energy
Three-dimensional modeling and sensitivity analysis of multi-tubular metal hydride reactors Zewei Bao, Zhen Wu, Zaoxiao Zhang 2012-11-20 Applied thermal engineering