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 Nov.13 2018: Molecular Perovskite-Like Multiferroic Metal-Organic Framework



   A type‐I multiferroic phase of [(CH3)2NH2][Ni(HCOO)3]creates significant elastic and anelastic anomalies associated  with the ferroelectric and magnetic ordering transition. The overlapping strains, from separated ferroic ordering parameters, could provide a mechanism for strong magnetoelectric properties in nickel‐based molecular multiferroics.

       博士生辛利鹏通过长期不懈努力实现了镍基杂化钙钛矿大尺寸单晶的可控合成,并在凝聚态无机-有机杂化钙钛矿晶体中观测到自发应变调控的多重铁性序参数的静态和动态耦合行为,澄清了该类新型单相多铁材料的微观耦合机制,相关工作近日发表在国际材料领域权威期刊、自然指数期刊——Advanced Functional Materials上,并被收录在Hot Topic:Magnetic Materials专辑中。(DOI:10.1002/adfm.201806013

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 Sep. 12 2018: Top 1% of reviewers in Materials Science & Chemistry

         近日,科睿唯安(Clarivate Analytics)颁布了2018年度“Publons同行评议奖”,在所属领域排名前1%的顶级审稿专家(Top 1% in each field)这一奖项中,共有264位来自中国大陆学术机构的学者(包括在中国大陆学术机构工作的外籍科研人员)在按照ESI学科分类系统中的22个科研领域获奖。博士生Lipeng Xin同时在化学、材料科学两个学科获奖。此外,还成为Publons Academy同行评议学院的mentor。科睿唯安(Clarivate Analytics)官方新闻报道

   Ph.D Student Lipeng Xin has been awarded as TOP 1% REVIEWERS BY Publons


 Apr. 16 2016: Top 100 for Scientific Report


'Facile synthesis of three-dimensional structured carbon fiber-NiCo2O4-Ni(OH)2 high-performances electrode for pseudocapacitors received 6 citations in 2015, placing it as one of the top 100 cited Scientific Reports articles in 2015.*


Jan. 19 2016: Group Picture



 ●May 7 2015: Spring Term Report


  ●December 2014: Thin Film Growth using Magnetron Sputtering