Dr.  Zongben Xu
Academician of the Chinese 
Academy of Sciences,
Professor of Mathematics & 
Computer Science,
Xi’an Jiaotong University,
Chief Scientist of National 
Basic Research Program
 of China.

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School of Mathematics & Statistics
Xi’an Jiaotong University
Xi’an, China

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Secretary: Jijie Zhang






 Project titleCognition-Based Data Modeling: New Theories, Principles and Methodologies
Primarily achieved byXu Zong-Ben (XJTU) , Leung Yee (CUHK), Zhang Jiang- She (XJTU), Peng Ji-Gen (XJTU) and Ma Jiang-Hong (XJTU,CHD)

The project focuses on a study on data modeling, a main procedure of knowledge discovery in database (KDD) and data mining (DM), from the perspective of simulating biological cognition/perception principles. Through more than 20 years’ investigation, our group have made a systematic contribution towards the theories, principles and methodologies of the cognition-based data modeling, highlighted as:
A new DM principle and methodology inspired from modeling physiological discoveries and psychophysical experiments of primary and higher visual system, which leads to series of effective and efficient scale related clustering, classification and regression algorithms with a psychophsiological basis and interpretation. It provides novel ways to solve the vexing problems of cluster validity check, scale discretization scheme, robustness and parameter settings in DM.

A new data modeling tool, coined as binomial-like formula, for analysis of models and algorithms in non-Euclidean spaces, with which a series of new models and theories of artificial neural networks (ANNs) were developed. The developed theories particularly provide solutions of the long-standing problems of stability test of Hopfield-type ANNs, convergence of on-line BP procedure and essential approximation order estimation of feedforward ANNs;An axiomatization approach of simulated evolutionary computation (SEC), which yields a unified and powerful framework of analysis for various simulated evolutionary algorithms (SEAs). Within the framework, convergence of many types of genetic algorithms and evolutionary strategies is proven in difference senses.
A law of error propagation of geographical information system (GIS), when applied to geographical data modelling, which forms a rigorous GIS uncertainty analysis methodology, laying the mathematical foundation for the development of GIS products characterized by uncertainty description. The contribution is reflected in 109 academic papers published in international journals of this field, 20 of which are on IEEE Transactions, 75 of which are indexed by SCI. The publications are cited for 1168 times home and abroad, on 117 SCI journals (including 65 papers on journals with impact factor higher than 2) by 384 authors from 33 countries and regions. For examples, J.A. Foster, the famous scientist, introduces one of the project papers to the international genetics community as the representative work of SEC on Nature Reviews journal. One of the project papers published on Neural Network ranks the Download Top 10 of the journal. The paper, in which GIS error propagation theory is proposed, covers the whole issue of J. Geo. Sys. (104 pages). The Binomial-like Formula in non-Euclidean space developed is referred as Xu-Roach Inequality or Xu-Roach Theorem and is used as lemma or preliminary theorem by 28 SCI papers. Project achievers are invited to make special lectures or keynote speeches for 13 times in international conferences. Tow achievers serve as editors for 7 international journals. The contributions of the project take a leading position in the international community and were awarded the First Prize of Natural Science by Ministry of Education in 2006. They have also been applied in academic institutions such as The State Key Lab of Resources and Environment Information System (Chinese Academy of Science), and Grid Computing E-Institute for Universities in Shanghai.


 CSIAM Su Buchin Applied Mathematics Prize

Prof. Zongben Xu was conferred the CSIAM Su Buchin Applied Mathematics Prize on the Fifth Delegation Meeting of Chinese Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics and The Second Award Conference of the CSIAM Su Buchin Applied Mathematics Prize, which was held in Zhengzhou on August 2,2008. Prof. Xu is the first winner of this prize from Xi’an Jiaotong University.

As the award notification goes, Prof. Xu “is devoted to the interdisciplinary study of mathematics and information science. He has made a great contribution to geometry of  Banach spaces and nonlinear operator theory. His achievement is also highlighted by the systematic studies in intelligence information processing, particularly, in machine learning. Several of his works take a lead in the international community, and gain wide recognition. The research findings are applied to research and development sectors of several organizations.”

Named after Prof. Su Buchin, the renowned mathematician, the CSIAM Su Buchin Applied Mathematics Prize is initiated by Chinese Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. This prize is designed to award individuals who make extraordinary contributions to industrial and applied mathematics. Judged by an independent award committee, this prize is given to 1-2 individuals every two years on a special award conference. It is the highest honor in applied mathematics in China.


  Owner of Chinese Ph.D Degree with Outstanding Achievements

Owner of Chinese Ph.D Degree with Outstanding Achievements, awarded by Chinese State Education Commission and Academic Degree Commission of the Chinese Council (1991).

  Other honors and awards 

  • Golden medal for one of the three best Doctoral dissertations Between 1985-1987 of Xi’an Jiaotong University (XJTU, 1987)
  •  First class award of research results in 1986, XJTU, for the subject "General Convergence Principle for Nonlinear Monotone Operator" (shared with Z.Y.You and K.K.Liu)
  •  First class award of research results in 1988, XJTU, for the subject: "Interval Methods for solving Nonlinear System of Equations" (shared with Z.Y.You & X.J.Chen)
  • Second class award of Progress in Science and Techniques (1988), Chinese State Education Commission , for the subject "Theories and Methods for solving Nonlinear Equations" (shared with Z.Y.You and X.J.Chen)
  •  Distinguished Research Award (XJTU, 1991)
  • Holder of special allowance of Chinese Council (1992-))
  • First class award of Progress in Science and Techniques, Shaanxi Province (1996), for the subject "Characteristic Inequality Laws in Banach Spaces and  Their Applications")
  • The Wong Kwang-Chen special award for outstanding achievement towards development of Xi’an Jiaotong University, on the occasions of memory of 100 anniversary of the funding of Jiaotong University (XJTU, 1996)
  • Be selected into the special training (funding) program for the national distinguished academic leaders across centenary, The Chinese State Education Commission (1997)
  • Nominated award for National Natural Science Award (the second class), Education Ministry of China, for the subject " Characteristic inequality laws of Banach spaces with applicatio)