Basic Information


                         Jian-Fu Cao

       Professor/Ph.D. advisor/Master advisor,

       Department of Automation Science and

      Technology, School of Electronic and

       Information Engineering, Xi’an Jiaotong

       University, P, R, China



1991-1996 Ph.D. Institute of System Engineering, Xi’anJiaotongUniversity

1988-1991 M.S. Institute of System Engineering, Xi’anJiaotongUniversity

1979-1983 B.E. Department of Computer Science, Xi’anJiaotongUniversity 


Tel:(+86) 029-82664629 


School of  Electronic and Information Engineering, Xian Jiaotong University, Xi’an,710049, P. R. China

Working Experience

2015.11 - Present    Professor, Shaanxi Robot Advanced Control Laboratory
2012.10    Senior visiting professor, University of Cambridge and University of Oxford
2005.10    Senior visiting professor, Germany Siemens
2004.05 - Present    Professor,  School of  Electronic and  Information Engineering,  State key Laboratory for  Manufacturing System Engineering
2004.04    Associate professor, School of Electronic and Information Engineering
1988.08     Engineer, Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute

Research Interests

1)  Robot Advanced Control and Intelligent Sensing

     Mainly engaged in industrial  robotics intelligent control,Robot Vision Positioning,  Multiple  perceptual fusion and drive control, and robotics 3D sensing technology research.

2)  Motion control and CNC system

     Mainly engaged in Motion control system, multi-axis  motion CNC system, and the control technology of numerical control equipment research.

3)  Industrial System Control and Diagnosis

     Mainly engaged in the system control and fault diagnosis method of nonlinear spectrum, complex nonlinear system modeling research.

4)  Industrial Internet of Things

     Mainly engaged in the area of wireless sensor networks,  the control system of intelligent  production line , and the manufacturing execution system (MES), etc.

Research Grants

     The team led by Professor Cao Jianfu uses advanced control theory, computer and network communication technology to do the research and engineering application on advanced robot control and intelligent sensing, motion control and CNC system, industrial system control and diagnosis, industrial internet of things to meet the major national demands of robot and intelligent equipment.Professor Cao Jianfu successively took charge in National Key Technologies R&D Program, 863 key projects, 973 key projects, provincial key projects and national cooperation projects of more than 40 as well as series of the national NSF key projects and other technology projects more than 10.

      He has got scientific research results to reward at all levels 5 times, including National Award for Science Development 2nd Prize, Technology Progress 2nd Prize in Shanxi Provience. He is also the editor in chief of a monograph and one of the editors of another. There are more than 100 published academic articles, which include 40 articles indexed by SCI or EI, and 60 articles of international journals and conferences. Besides, 13 patents authorized, including 10 invention patents, and 3 software copyright authorized. Many of his scientific research achievement like high grade numerical control system, motion controller, robot controller and digital workshop system have been used in many industrial enterprises.


   1) The Second Prize of the National Science and Technology Progress 
   2) Technology Progress 2nd Prize in Shanxi Provience
   3) First national machine tool technology exhibition 1st prize
   4) Second level in the "333" high level of Jiangsu Provience
   5) Technology Progress 3nd Prize in Shanxi Provience
   6) China Aerospace Science and Technology 3rd prize in 2008

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