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Submitted / to be submitted

[6]. Shun-lai Zang*. Multiscale characterization of surface topography generated by laser shock peening and its impact on contact fatigue. manuscript in preparation. (2021/10)

[5]. Shun-lai Zang*, Ya-zhou Wang, Guang-yu He. Geometric feature extraction and 3D reconstruction of sand based on image processing. to be submitted to Surface and Coatings Technology. (2021/9) 

[4]. Shun-lai Zang*, Xing-rong Chu. Nonlinear elasticity under unloading and reloading in metals: constitutive model and its application to springback prediction. to be submitted to International Journal of Plasticity. (2021/9) 

[3]. Shun-lai Zang*. Linear transformation-based yield functions incorporating path-dependent subsequent anisotropy. to be submitted to International Journal of Plasticity. (2021/8)

[2]. Shun-lai Zang*, Xing-rong Chu. Nature of nonlinear elasticity in metals: theoretical revisition. submitted to International Journal of Mechanical Sciences. (2021/9)

[1]. Qiqi Duan, Shuxia Lin, Xingrong Chu, Shun-lai Zang, Zhihao Wang, Chao Zhao.  Calibration of Yld2000-2d anisotropy yield criterion with traditional and inverse methods. ubmitted to Thin-Walled Structures (2022/6)


Peer-reviewed international and domestic journals 

[28]. Zhanwei Yuan, Zihan Zhang, Jie Bai, Rui Ma, Junchao Zheng, Shun-lai Zang, Yanshan Lou, Jingyi Wang, Xujiing Bai. Quantitative and qualitative characterization of the damage, deformation mechanisms, and failure models of a nickel-based GH3536 alloy prepared via laser powder bed fusion after various heat treatments. Materials Science and Engineering:A 2023. pdf

[27]. Baotang Wang, Ying Chang, Shun-lai Zang, Xiaodong Li, Shuzhou Yu, Cunyu Wang. Effect of complicated deformation behaviors during cold stamping on springback prediction of DP980 steel. The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 2023. pdf

[26]. Yongxin Zhou, Xingrong Chu, Shun-lai Zang, Jiao Sun, Lei Yang, Jun Gao. Effect of surface integrity on fatigue life of 7075-T6 aluminum alloy by combination of fine turning with hydrostatic deep rolling. Archives of Civil and Mechanical Engineering 23(2023)pdf 

[25]. Yanfeng Yang, Zirui He, Jun Ma, Heng Yang, Junying Min, Shun-lai Zang, Heng Li. Evolving asymmetric and anisotropic hardening behaviour of CP-Ti sheet under monotonic and reverse loading: Characterization and modeling. International Journal of Plasticity 159(2022):103445pdf 

[24]. Yan-song Kang, Shun-lai Zang*. Elastoplastic constitutive model with wide range of strain rate and parameter identification. submitted to Journal of Aerospace Power (in Chinese) (in revision). (2022/01)

[23]. Peng Zhang, Sheng-dun Zhao, Chuan-wei Zhang, Shun-lai Zang, Zheng Chen, Liang-yu Fei, Jia-ying Zhang, Hong Jiang, Fan Li, Hao Zhou. Bonding mode and mechanical properties of keyhole-free friction stir rivet welded aluminum alloy joints. Journal of Materias Processing and Technology. (2020 Impact factor:5.039, in press)  pdf

[22]. Lin-hong Zhou, Guang-yu He, Shun-lai Zang*. A method on reconstructing three-dimensional morphology of sand and dust based on tomographic images. Chinese Journal of Aeronautics (in Chinese).  (in press) (2021/8) pdf


[21]. Zhan-wei Yuan, Yu-tao Han, Shun-lai Zang, Jiao Chen, Guang-yu He, Yan Chai, Zhu-fang Yang, Qin-qin Fu. Damage evolution behavior of TiN/Ti multilayer coatings under high-speed impact conditions. Surface and Coatings Technology 426(2021):127807. (2020 Impact factor:4.158)  pdf

[20]. Jian Long, Lin-jie Zhang, Jie Ning, Zheng-Xiong Ma, Shun-lai Zang. Zoning study on the fatigue crack propagation behaviors of a double-sided electron beam welded joint of TC4 titanium alloy with the thickness of 140mm. International Journal of Fatigue. 146(2021):106145. (2019 Impact factor:4.369 pdf

[19]. Zhan-wei Yuan, Yu-tao Han,  Shun-lai Zang, Jiao Chen, Guang-yu He, Yan Chai, Zhu-fang Yang, Qin-qin Fu. Analysis of the mechanical properties of TiN/Ti multilayer coating by indentation under a load range from 5mN to 4800mN. Ceramics International 47(2021):10796-10808. (2019 Impact factor:3.83 pdf

[18]. Guang-yu He, Dan-yang Sun, Shun-lai Zang*, Jiao Chen, Zhi-hao Fang. Evaluation of the elastic-plastic properties of TiN Coating by nanoindentation technologies using FEM-reverse algorithm. Surface and Coatings Technology. 409(2021):126855. (2019 Impact factor:3.784 pdf

[17]. Zhihao Wang, Shun-lai Zang, Xingrong Chu, Shunying Zhang, Leotoing Lionel. Identification of 7B04 aluminum alloy anisotropy yield criteria with conventional test and Pottier test at elevated temperature. Results in Physics. 15(2019):102655.  (2018 Impact factor:3.042) 

[16]. J.H. Choi, Shun-lai Zang, M.G. Lee, J.H. Kim, F. Barlat. Determining the coefficients of a homogeneous anisotropic hardening model for ultrathin steel sheets. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences. 157-158(2019):428-438 (2017 Impact factor:3.570) pdf

[15]. Sandrine Thuillier, Shun-lai Zang, Julien Troufflard, Pierre-Yves Manach, Anthony Jegat. Modeling Bake Hardening Effects in Steel Sheets -- Application to Dent Resistance. Metals. 8(2018):594. (2017 Impact factor:1.704) 

[14]. Ya-zhou Wang, Shun-lai Zang*, Li Sun, Jia-wei Ma. Constructing Micro-mechanical Representative Volume Element of Medium Mn Steel from EBSD data. Materials & Design. 129(2017):34-43. (2016 Impact factor:4.364)

[13]. Shunying Zhang, Lionel Leotoing, Dominique Guines, Sandrine Thuillier, Shun-lai Zang. Calibration of anisotropic yield criterion with conventional tests or biaxial test. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 85(2014):142-151. (2013 Impact factor:2.061) pdf

[12]. Xiangfan Nie, Weifeng He, Shunlai Zang, Xuede Wang, Jie Zhao. Effects study and application to improve high cycle fatigue resistance of TC11 titanium alloy by laser shock peening with multiple impacts. Surface and Coatings Technology 253(2014):68-75. (2013 Impact factor:2.199) pdf

[11]. Shun-lai Zang*, Myoung-gyu Lee, Li Sun, Ji Hoon Kim. Measurement of the Bauschinger behavior of sheet metals by three-point bending springback test with pre-strained strips. International Journal of Plasticity 59(2014):84-107. (2013 Impact factor:5.971)  pdf

[10]. Mohsen Safaei, Myoung-gyu Lee, Shun-lai Zang, Wim De Waele. An evolutionary anisotropic model for sheet metals based on non-associated flow rule approach. Computational Materials Science 81(2014):15-29. (2013 Impact factor: 1.879)  pdf

[9]. Shun-lai Zang*, Myoung-gyu Lee, Ji-hoon Kim. Evaluating the significance of hardening behaviour and unloading modulus under strain reversal in sheet spring-back prediction. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 77(2013):194-204. (2012 Impact factor:1.613) 

[8]. Shun-lai Zang*, Li Sun, Chao Niu. Measurements of Bauschinger effect and transient behavior of a quenched and partitioned advanced high strength steel. Material Science & Engineering A 586(2013):31-37. (2012 Impact factor: 2.108)  pdf

[7]. Yanfang Zhao, Weifeng Wang, Haitao Xin, Shun-lai Zang, Zhiyuan Zhang, Yulu Wu. The remodeling of alveolar bone supporting the mandibular first molar with different levels of periodontal attachment. Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing 51(2013):991-997. (2012 Impact factor: 1.790) pdf

[6]. Jun-hang Guo, Sheng-dun Zhao, Ri-ichi Murakami, Shun-lai Zang. Experimental and numerical investigation for ductile fracture of Al-alloy 5052 using modified Rousselier model. Computational Materials Science 71(2013):115-123. (2012 Impact factor:1.878)  pdf

[5]. Mohsen Safaei, Shun-lai Zang, Myoung-gyu Lee, Wim De Waele. Evaluation of anisotropic constitutive models: mixed anisotropic hardening and non-associated flow rule approach. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 73(2013):53-68. (2012 Impact factor:1.613) pdf

[4]. Mohsen Safaei, Wim De Waele, Shun-lai Zang. Evaluation of associated and non-associated flow metal plasticity: application for DC06 deep drawing steel. Key Engineering Materials 504-506(2012):661-666. (non-SCI)  
[3]. S.L. Zang*, C. Guo, S. Thuillier, Myoung-gyu, Lee. A model of one-surface cyclic plasticity and its application to springback prediction. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 53(2011):425-435. (2012 Impact factor:1.613)

[2]. S.L. Zang, S. Thuillier, A. Le Port, P.Y. Manach. Prediction of anisotropy and hardening for metallic sheets in tension, simple shear and biaxial tension. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 53(2011):338-347. (2012 Impact factor:1.613) pdf
[1]. S.L. Zang
*, J.Liang, C. Guo. A constitutive model for sheet springback prediction in which the change of Youngs modulus with plastic deformation is considered. International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture 47(2007):1791-1797. (2012 Impact factor:2.262) pdf


International conference proceedings

[6]. Suketa Chaudhary, R.Ganesh Narayanan, Shun-lai Zang. Prediction of stretching behavior of aluminium alloy sheet using different yield functions. In: 40th International Deep-Drawing Research Group Conference (IDDRG 2021), 2021.

[5]. Shun-lai Zang*, Fang Shao. Calibration of the Bauschinger behavior of aluminum alloy sheet by prestrain-bending approach. In: 7th International Conference on Tube Hydroforming (Tubehydro 2015), Xi'an, China, September 9-11, 2015.

[4]. Shun-lai Zang*, Myoung-gyu Lee, Ji Hoon Kim, Mohsen Safaei. A new representation of linear transformation tensor for the description of plastic subsequent anisotropy. In: Numisheet2014, the 9th International Conference and Workshop on Numerical Simulation of 3D Sheet Metal Forming Processes, Melbourne Australia, Jan 6-10, 2014. pdf

[3]. Mohsen Safaei, Shun-lai Zang*. Benchmark04: Wrinkling during cup draw. In: Numisheet2014, the 9th International Conference and Workshop on Numerical Simulation of 3D Sheet Metal Forming Processes, Melbourne Australia, Jan 6-10, 2014.

[2]. Mohsen Safaei, Wim De Waele, Shun-lai Zang. A rate-independent non-associated consitutive model for finite element simulation of sheet metal forming. In: Plasticity 2012, Puerto rico, Jan 3-8, 2012.
[1]. Shun-lai Zang*, Myoung-gyu Lee. A general yield function within the framework of linear transformations of stress tensors for the description of plastic-strain-induced anisotropy. In: NUMISHEET2011: The 8th Internatinal Conference and Workshop on Numerical Simulation of 3D Sheet Metal Forming Processes, Seoul, Korea. August 21-26, 2011.


Domestic conference proceedings

[2]. Shun-lai Zang*. Influence of  Non-linear Unloading Behavior of Advanced High Strength Steels on Springback Prediction (In Chinese). In: 14th Annual Conference of Plastic Engineering Society, Hefei, Anhui, China, October , 2015.

[1]. Shun-lai Zang*. Influence of Bauschinger Behavior and Degradation of Elastic Modulus with Plastic Deformation on Springback Prediction (In Chinese). In: 15th Young Scholars Conference on Plastic Engineering, Xiangtan, Hunan, China, July 25-27, 2015. (Distinguished Paper Award)


Chinese Patents

[6]. Shun-lai Zang,  Xue-yuan Yan, Guang-yu He. A method of geometrical morphylogy evaluation and three-dimensional reconstruction of sand based on image processing. (ZL 2020 1 0631658.8)

[5]. Liu-cheng Zhou, Shun-lai Zang,  Dong Su, Wei-feng He, Jiang-yong Cheng. A CAE-based software for laser shock peening process FEMLSP (ver.1.0.0). (Copyright of Computer Software No. 2020SR1269949) (2020.12)

[4]. Shun-lai Zang,  Chao Niu. A Matlab Toolbox SMAT for parameters identification of material parameters of constitutive model. (Copyright of Computer Software No. 2013SR038190) (For more details on SMAT, please refer the Softwares item.)

[3]. Shun-lai Zang,  Chao Niu, Shao-peng Li. A method to estimate the Bauschinger behavior under reversal strain path for metallic sheets. (ZL 201310229512.0)

[2]. Shun-lai Zang,  Xiang-fan Nie, Shao-peng Li, Jie Zhao, Jun-hua Liu. A method to calibrate the material parameters of metals under very high strain rate. (ZL 2013 1 0287333.2)

[1]. Shun-lai Zang, Cheng Guo, Yong-xin Wang, Huan-huan Zhang, Ying-jun Zheng. A device to measure the mechanical behavior under simple shear deformation. (ZL 2010 1 0553215.8)