Last updated Feburary 01, 2024


Current Research Projects include:

 3. Determination of material parameters of Yoshida- Uemori constitutive model based on prestrain-bending springback method. PI. (2023.10-2024.12, Amount: 240,000 CNY) 

 2. Bonding properties of high temperature coatings. PI. (2023.7-2024.5, Amount: 140,000 CNY) 

 1. Three-dimensional morphology construction of sand dust. PI. (2023.1-2023.10, Amount: 280,000 CNY) 


Past Research Projects include:

 24. Evaluation of interface properties of XXX. PI. (2021.12-2022.05, Amount: 59,000 CNY) 

 23. Fundamentals of Surface Treatment. Principal Member. (2018.08-2022.08, Amount: 15,200,000 CNY) 

 22. Laser Shock Peening Process on Aero Engine XXX. PI. (AECC, 2020.06-2021.12, Amount: 1,830,000 CNY)

 21. Design of Erosion-resistant Multilayer Coating. PI. (AFEU, 2019.01-2019.12, Amount: 378,000 CNY)

 20. Fundamentals of Quartz Sand Erosion on Titanium Alloy. PI. (2019.01-2020.12, Amount: 100,000 CNY)

 19. Design of Aircraft XX Structure. PI. (AVIC, 2019.01-2019.12, Amount: 2,000,000 CNY)

 18Laser Shock Peening Process on Aero Engine Gear. Principal Member. (AECC, 2018.12-2019.12, Amount: 990,000 CNY)

 17. Laser Shock Peening Process on Aero Engine Casing. PI. (AFEU, 2018.12-2019.12, Amount: 96,000 CNY)

 16. Finite Element Analysis on XXX Dynamic Problem. PI. (AECC, 2018.10-2018.12)

 15. Numerical Analysis on Combustion Exhaust Gas. PI. (CSIC)

 14. Measurement of Residual Stress. PI. (AFEU)

 13. National Science and Technology Major Project: high precision gear grinding machine. PI of Sub-task. (Ministry of Science and Technology of China, No. 2014ZX04001191)

 12. Constitutive Modeling of Medium Mn Advanced High Strength Steel by Polycrystalline Crystal Plasticity Finite Element Analysis. PI. (General Motors (China) Investment Co., LTD.)

 11. Numerical Simulation of Mechanical Structure of Steel Wire Rope (second stage). PI (AVIC)

 10. Multiscale Modeling of AHSS . PI  (General Motors  (China) Investment Co., LTD. No. CSL-040)

  9. Research on Anisotropic Constitutive Model for Metallic Sheets under Strain Path Changes. PI  (NSFC, No.11002105) 

  8. Constitutive Modeling of Materials at Very High Strain Rate. PI  (AFEU.)

  7. Numerical Simulation of Mechanical Structure of Steel Wire Rope (first stage). PI (AVIC)

  6. Numerical Simulation of Laser Shock Peening Process . PI  (Xi’an Science and Technology Agency. No. CXY1116(4))

  5. Forming Limit Curves of Advanced High Strength Steels. PI (Key Laboratory of Testing Technology for Manufacturing Process (Southwest University of Science and Technology), Ministry of Education, No.10ZXZK03.)

  4. Multiscal Modelling and Parameter Optimization for Hot Forging Process of Gas-turbine Blades. Co-PI 40% money (DONGFANG TURBINE CO., LTD.)
  3. Advanced Constitutive Model for Spring-back Prediction of Sheet Metal Forming Process. PI  (Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Eduction, No.200806981025)
  2. High Frequency Microwave Focused Beam Glass Forming Process Modeling. Co-PI 30% money  (PPG LTD.)
  1. Numerical Simulation of Bone Remodeling Process under Mechanical Stimulus . PI (Fourth Military Medical University)