Last updated June 22, 2022


1. Master Candidates

Name:   Lin-hong Zhou
Education:  B.S.  Hefei University of Technology (2019.07)
Status:  Third year
Room: NewCampus-5142
E-mail: ***
Research Area: 
  Surface Treatment



2. Undergraduate Students


3. Alumni

(1) Master Graduates

       Name: Gen Qiao (乔根)
Orbbec Co., Ltd. (Xi'an)
       Thesis: Research on Hole Edge Repair and Deviation Inspection of Scanning Mesh for Automobile Sheet Metal   (2020.06)

       Name: Ya-zhou Wang (王亚洲)
Xi'an Tyrida Optical Electric Technology Co., Ltd. (Xi'an)
       Thesis: Experimental Measurement and Consitutive Modeling of Non-linear Elastic Behavior for AHSSs   (2018.06)

       Name: Jie Zhao (赵洁)
Jingdiao Group Co.,Ltd. (Xi'an)
       Thesis: Optimization of Constitutive Model's Parameters and FEA of Residual Stress Field of LSP   (2015.06)

       Name: Jun-hua Liu (刘俊华)
KOCEL Group Co., Ltd. (Yin Chuan)
       Thesis: Microstructure-based Representative Volume Element for DP780 Steel and Its Application   (2014.06)

       Name: Chao Niu (牛超)
       Affiliation: Baosteel Research Institute (Shanghai)
       Thesis: Theoretical Prediction and Experimental Measurement of FLC for Thin Sheet Metal   (2013.06)

       Name: Yang Zhang (张阳)
       Affiliation: Xi'an Research Institute of China Coal Technology & Engineering Group Corp (Xi'an)
       Thesis: Study of Sheet Springback Prediction Based on Advanced Constitutive Models  (2012.06)